Honeycomb Scarf

Hi all - for the honeycomb scarf with the minikins kit - I’m using the shawl ball for A, the minikins for B - do I still switch A and B after 19" or after each minikin or not at all?

I’m using the winter kit.



Hi. I’ve just started on my second minikin…asked myself the same question you asked, and decided the answer is:
Yes. Switch those As and Bs. Oh, and instead of having to measure the 19 inches, just use a full minikin for each section.


Awesome - thanks - I am almost at the end of the first one too (at least I think I am, it does seem to go longer and longer than you think)


Yes, they seem to go on longer than expected. I was just going to finish that first mini, then put it down and work on my sweater for a couple of days, but it took a day more than I thought. It’s a fun knit, though. I do like watching the colors change.


I decided not to switch A and B since i like the gradual change and not the color block effect. I have nautialus as my shawl ball and I’m using minikins from the picket fence kit and the neutrals kit. I wanted them to blend so I’m picking and choosing as i go. I still get the color change effect its just more gradual. Also i like the backside better than the front side


it looks fab - I love the back side too

I just got to my first color change today (pre breakfast knitting to get to it) and I switched A and B


I am using a rainbow set of mini skeins with black. I did not switch because I wanted it reversible.


I finished the minikin and then switched.


I just got started on my Honeycomb Scarf. I am using Freia shawl balls in colors Pt. Reyes and Oyster. Even with a few rows completed I am loving this knit and the pattern!


Current progress on my honeycomb scarf I love this pattern and watching the color changes!


Love this honeycomb scarf pattern. Freia yarns are so pretty in their long color-runs. Would love to find a mohair yarn with the same very long run. The closest I know of is Maidenhair by Handmaiden.


I looked in just because I saw this photo on an MDK email and was blown away! Such a subtle, beautiful combination. I may be copying this!


Hi. I am confused in the 2nd row of broken brioche pattern I am not sure if after I brp1 should i be moving my yarn to the back of the work in order to knit the next stitch or do I leave it in the front and go ahead and knit a stitch. With yarn in front I am creating a yarn over it seems. Help!

If you are asking about the first Brioche knit on a new round……yes, you bring the new color [not the one you just finished the (yo/slip, brioche purl) round] 59 the back and brioche knit and then yo/slip ….
note***** the start of a round should be marked with a marker that opens and can be moved. The yarn from Two-rows-back should be hanging I the front of your work…… always employ the new round yarn by bringing it into play without crossing it over the yarn from the just completed row.
Of note, if you are confused about what color you just finished look at the “shawls” as Nancy Marchant calls them… the yarn-over/slip stitches …… the yo or shawl is what yarn you just completed.

Thank you!

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Making progress, the shawl is now approximately 52 inches long.

It is a hard project to put down. I love watching the subtle color changes as I keep knitting. I am now looking at the honeycomb scarf bundles and trying to decide which to do next. Currently the Spring set is a front runner. :blush:


I am so excited that I figured out the pattern. Thank goodness for the video tutorial. I’m doing a dishcloth with the pattern first and then out comes the Shawl Ball I’ve been hoarding!


Started the honeycomb scarf with mystery yarn recently gifted from a friend’s stash.


I finally finished my scarf, 29 days to complete. I love this patten and will definitely do another in the future.


Started it. Waiting for color shift in Freia.