This is Question for the Kiki Mariko Rug

I am on my final chart 2 repeat of the Kiki Mariko Rug. It seems I have run out of the color clematis with 2 rows to go! Any ideas on if I can sub in the next color or just bite the bullet and buy another skein. All the other colors have enough to finish… I think. This skein was definitely short.
Please advise?

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Sort of personal preference I think. If you will be happy subbing go ahead.


Thanks for your input. I was afraid I might start a domino effect and run out of other yarns so I bit the bullet and bought another skein of the purple. Any excuse to go to my LYS. I came away with that skein and the letlopi for my next project The Day Tripper Cardigan! Another steeking experience! I think I will try making felted mittens with the extra purple yarn!