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Logalong: Inspiration for Fringe and Friends Log Cabin Knitalong

As ideas for the Fringe and Friends Log Cabin Knitalong wash over me, I realized that it would be useful to have a central place where we could pile up and share ideas, photos and links.

(Here’s a link to Karen Templer’s announcement of the knitalong, which starts on January 1, 2018:

I’ll start the bidding:

MDK’s Moderne Log Cabin Blanket has been a crowd favorite, with many many versions of both the full-size and baby-size blanket over on Ravelry. But this one is the one that I find so stunning, every time I run across it:


This version is by Terhi Montonen, an amazing knitter in Finland.

Another beautiful log cabin-based pattern is Laura Aylor’s City Block Shawl. The link goes to Terhi Montonen’s stunning black and white striped version:


Please share your ideas here. Links and photos make it easier for everyone to join in.

Here’s to logalong pre-gaming!



Perhaps this will help me move my moderne from the old MDK slog along to the KAL bucket!


Think of it as a head start!


I love Terhi’s blanket. I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that I spent hours looking at the pics and counting the ridges so that I could make my own version. As for the log cabin KAL, I have several ideas— a marled full-sized Moderne Log Cabin (a la Stephen West) using either Hedgehog Fiber sock held double or Noro Silk Garden (I love plenty of both in my stash), a variation of the Klatch log cabin using my Tosh and other sock yarn leftovers, or a variation of the Fussy Cuts using various colors of Silk Garden. Too many choices. Good thing I have time to figure it out and maybe finish some UFOs to clear the decks.


Time to pick up the old Mitered Crosses Blanket and “git’er done”! I already have 17 squares out of 24 finished.


That will go so quickly! I think you need a back-up project…

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Helen L. linked to this stunning modification of the Moderne Log Cabin Blanket today in a comment on the blog post, and I wanted to share:

Those black stripes add so much interest! And the yarn is Anzula For Better or Worsted, so it surely feels fantastic. What a beauty.


I’m thinking of freestyling a hat, probably out of a bunch of leftovers (which leftovers depends on how much gift knitting I get done this year).

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Stripes are in the air! I had thoughts of random stripes with off-white alternating with solid blocks of off-white. I think this wants to be a lap blanket.


I am on my 2nd log cabin quilt for my granddaughter. I made one for my grandson and instead of sewing in all the ends I used them to embroider and embellish the front of the quilt. I also sewed a couple of large buttons and his name on the quilt to make it special and added a few silky ribbons as he likes to stroke “labels” as a comforter. When I have finished Neve’s quilt I intend to knit a random log cabin quilt for myself from all the skeins of my handspun that have been lying about unloved for years. I wish I had come across MDK a long time ago, I feel I now have a new lease of creativity.


I want to make a Snowy Woods Log Cabin throw with 9 blocks, 5 of one and 4 of the other.

It will match my pillow! I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, and the Logalong is the perfect incentive.

Snowy Woods Log Cabin Blocks


ohhhh! I like that Michelle! Maybe you could put a paw print in the middle of each block :wink:


Log Cabin Dishclothing over here.


Or maybe Biscuit will do that for me! She’s ever so helpul as a knittingcat.

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that is the kind of cat(s) we like! the ever so helpful kind :slight_smile:

(Needless to say) I love this.

I can’t wait to see the other colors get into the mix! This is so fun.

I love the thought of being able to do some “rest” rows of log cabin, and also do these fun cable blocks. It’s going to be gorgeous, Michele.

Another Log Cabin Dishcloth. In Cascade Ultra Pima Cotton, so silky and soft.


I’m really excited about it! I scoped out my yarn at my LYS yesterday; I want it to match my pillow. But since it’s a 2018 Log Along, I don’t need to get it yet, right?

The trick is going to be having enough pieces going so some take more attention, and some are on “rest rows of log cabin”, as you say…

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