MDK Bookmarks - organize?

I have what seems like hundreds of saved MDK articles under Bookmarks. Does anyone know a way to save these in folders or rearrange them or do Something to make it easier to find a particular one? Unfortunately many don’t include the actual topic in the title, plus they are in reverse order; but still, anything would help. Also helpful would be a way to delete those I no longer need, to reduce the list a little. Surely I’m not the only knitter who has saved a lot of these. Even searching seems only to be based on titles, not actual content. These would be so much more useful if I knew some way to organize them!


I also would love to know the answer to this.

I have a page in my bullet journal to jot down the title of the saved article and add a short note of why it’s saved.

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Sorry, there’s not currently a way to do it. The MDK platform displays bookmarks one way: in a list from oldest to newest (newest at the bottom), with no further organizing tools. One way you might achieve what you’re asking is to visit each bookmark and then bookmark that specific URL using your web browser’s bookmarking tools - completely bypassing the MDK bookmarks feature. Then you can organize those bookmarks however you like using your own browser’s tools, just like you probably already do with all your other non-MDK bookmarks.

To delete a bookmark, go to the bookmarked article and click its little bookmark icon again. It should remove it from your bookmarked list (though you might have to refresh the list for it to vanish). Good luck!


DG: Thanks for this - it might work for me.


This is what Pinterest folders are for. You can even have categories in each folder.

My Patterns folder has categories for sewing bags, toys, clothes, so I can find what I’m looking for.

Anyway, that’s what works for me.

I also have my MDK bookmarks, mostly Ask Patty, but they’re also in my Fibery Techniques folder, in the Cast On, Bind Off, or Knitting categories

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Laurpud: I’ve never tried Pinterest except for quick glimpses. Thanks very much for this, I’ll check it out! I save practically every Ask Patty, even though I have her excellent book. She’s a wonder.


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She is a wonder!

Just so you know, Pinterest is riddled with ads, & if you look at something, it’ll give you more of that forever, until you long-press & delete a few times. It can be a PITA, but I still like it

Of course that would require me to sign up for Pinterest

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