New User Needs Help

I purchased several Field Guides, A Year of Techniques, and Something New to Learn About Cables. I see the codes in them to access the online tutorials, but I don’t know where to go on the website to enter my code and gain visual assistance.

Also, I don’t see anywhere where I can join in the discussions or post my own thoughts.

I would greatly appreciate some guidance. I’m not particularly technologically minded. Are there directions somewhere for using the interactive parts of the website?

Sharon Gaydos

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Hi Sharon!

We’re not particularly technologically minded either! ; ) I hope the following is helpful.

Download codes: The codes you see on the inside back cover of the MDK Field Guides, A Year of Techniques, and Something New to Learn About Cables are all download codes, so that you can download your own digital, electronic editions of these books via Above each download code inside each book, you’ll find the web address where you go to redeem your download code and download your digital edition of each book.

Online tutorials: Our Field Guides don’t offer online tutorials or videos, but we definitely have a ton of videos by Jen and Jim Arnall-Culliford, the authors of A Year of Techniques and Something New to Learn about Cables.

The free video tutorials for A Year of Techniques can be viewed here.

The free video tutorials for Something New to Learn About Cables (as well as Something New to Learn About Lace) can be viewed here.

Online discussions: For conversation and discussion in the MDK Lounge, you can see all the categories currently open right here. Just click on whatever looks interesting, and hop in!

Finally, for a more general overview of the MDK website, here’s How to MDK: A User Manual.

Thanks so much for being here!


Hi Ann!
Thanks so much for your kind and very informative reply. I think I can crack the code now and become an active participant. Have enjoyed the daily posts so much. Being a self-taught knitter, they have increased my learning curve.
Best regards,
Sharon Gaydos


We are a friendly bunch. Dive right in!

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