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I have been following MDK for about the last year and am finding that I learn more than I ever could through weekly visits to my LYS. MDK’s support for FG projects makes it so much easier. I like referring back to comments and projects by others and the tutorial videos are terrific. For example today’s video about joining sleeves to the body of the Debut Pullover is directly applicable to the Stopover Pullover I am working on. When I post a question on The Lounge, Nell or another knitter will quickly send their suggested solution. I still use my LYS for some things, but MDK is working for me from the comfort of my home. Thanks all.


Thank you for taking the time to post about your kind feelings and appreciation of the Lounge! We are really lucky to have such an open and well used platform to share our love of knitting, as well as questions and answers - and other adventures.
I really love helping and so appreciate hearing that I have been helpful to you, thank you so much for the mention.

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Totally agree. Thank you MDK.
Cheers, Karen ( in Sydney, Australia).

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I love it here to. It’s a happy place.

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