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Stuck? Not sure how to proceed? In search of counsel? Post here. And remember: leave a penny, take a penny—try to help a knitter out if you have a suggestion.

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I’ve posted twice now in the advice please category and am informed that the topic is with the moderator. However, it has not appeared on the site. I did email you through the ‘contact us’ link but that has bounced back too. Any suggestions? !! thanks

I saw these mitts in the fall/winter Sundance catalog. Does anyone know a yarn that is similar to this? I like that it is not striped.

Thank you

Can I reclaim a merino superwash from a project that has been blocked?

I have a question about blocking…specifically the Aperture Shawl by Jeanette Sloan found in Field Guide #15, Open. How did you block the side edges…straight out or let them roll and block? Also I went down a size in needle and did not need to knit all the repeats to get the length so I have yarn left over to knit another project. Look forward to blocking information. Thanks.

I’m confused about the edge stitches on the steek section of the kiki mariko blanket

I just started my Daytripper and don’t understand how many rows of ribbing are there at the beginning. Sorry to be so dense.

Look under the heading “Yoke” on page 45. The pattern states 4 rounds after the set up round. It comes out to about an inch of ribbing.

Thank you very much for replying and for the help!