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Thanks for explaining this. I knit that extra stitch at the very end of the row just by chance, but I made some other counting error while being on a zoom call.

Hi, I am stuck on picking up the stitches for the Daytripper button band. I really cannot work out what I should be doing. I have stitched up the lines to show the edge of the steek, but am stumped as to what to do next. I have spent several hours trying to do it, please help!!! Christine x

You start on the right side ( as in not wrong) on the bottom hold the yarn you chose put your needle into the loop of the first stitch and pull the yarn through it throw it if you knit that way. I did two loops skip one and that was right for my knitting not to much so it does not become wavey and not too few so it does not tighten the front. Then you decide which side will be for buttons and which for button holes and follow the directions. As you pick up the stitches be careful not to scoot and you always pick the same part of the little braid for each stitch. I never just pick up the stich in cases like this it puts too much strain on the seam I always use my working yarn and knit into the knitting and create a live stitch that way. I hope this wasn’t too confusing. Oh and yes you do this on both sides of the front so then you start on top picking up stitches right to left on the pretty/right side of the jacket.

I am knitting the Grace Notes Pullover from Field Guide 22. I am joining the body and I am supposed to knit to the end of the front sts M1L which will be the center front st and then work to the end. How am I supposed to M1L when there isn’t a strand between the 2 sts?