Gauge and Destination Pullover

My swatch was 13 st = 4" on N11. I am about 14" into the sweater bottom up. My gauge now varies between 13 and 14 when I check it here and there. I’m afraid it is going to have way less ease than I want and maybe sort of snug. I thought I heard Mary Jane suggest in the knitalong Zoom that blocking could take care if this if you knit it longer. Anybody else hear that? i really don’t want to frog this and start again.

And she also said she always knits her sleeves on a 16" circular, saying something about her gauge and how she just makes it work. I would like more information how to do that.

That variation in gauge may not seem like a lot, but it adds up. If you are knitting a 40, that would take 4 inches off.
Thankfully the Lopi, esp when knit loosely can be widened, and adding an inch or 2 is a great idea.
As for using 16-inch needles for the sleeves, the stitches will be very spread out, and you’ll need to adjust and rotate them frequently, but it can be done. Just follow the directions as written with your tool of choice.

I used a long circular needle for the whole sweater knitting as a magic loop on the sleeves. Same with the sleeve cuffs and neckband with a smaller long circular. You could put some stitches on waste yarn and try it on. My gauge was smaller so I had some extra rows after dividing for front and back. I then picked up 52 stitches for the sleeve and tried it on after a bit. If your gauge is smaller, I suggest you don’t knit the whole sleeve before checking.

Thanks. Nell, I remember you fondly from the knit shop in Buckhead. Joyce

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Thanks! Magic loop should be easier for me for the sleeves.

That is so nice to hear, Joyce. I thank you for saying so. Nell

My swatch did grow after washing. Not sure if you had that experiment but it would make me think you should be ok.

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I haven’t tried this- but it might be worthwhile to measure your swatch unblocked. Then wash and block it to see if you can effect the degree of change you are looking for.
When my knitting has gotten tighter it usually means I am tired and am knitting on the tips and not sliding the stitch all the way onto the shaft of the needle.
A lazy I mean efficient way to try on partially finished items is to use interchangeable needles and add cable.
I have tried blocking and hanging a swatch to see if it grows.
Best of Luck

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