Petula Pullover: Wacky Gauge and Size Selection

I purchased Mohonk in Charred Coal and Persimmon for the Petula. This will be my first yoke sweater and first time using Mohonk. I’ve swatched on 2s, 3s, and 4s and am coming nowhere near the stated gauge (22 sts and 30 rows over 4 in). What’s more important in this case - row gauge or stitch gauge? I’m considering picking the needle size that gets me closer to stated row gauge and then just picking the sweater size that would calculate out to an appropriate width for me. Does this sound like a decent plan? Any other suggestions?

Here are my swatch gauges (washed and dried):

With a size 4, I get 4.5 sts/in and 8 rows/in

With a size 3, I get 4.75 sts/in and 9 rows/in

With a size 2, I get 5 sts/in and 10 rows/in

Any help is appreciated!

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Wow, your colors sound fabulous!

And also wow, what wacky numbers… What type of needle are you using?
My general advice is to use the stitch gauge and then adjust if needed for the row gauge, but it looks to me if you went down to a US1 you might get 21 stitches and 44 rounds which for one will require much more yarn and quite a bit of adjusting in the yoke.
So, I think that your plan would be better. What is your target size?