Puzzling swatch

Using the bulky weight and size 9 needle specified in the top-down sweater pattern, my swatch (washed and blocked) measures 15 x 22 stitches in 4". The pattern specifies 15 x 17. How can my horizontal stitches match but the rows are so far off? How do I adjust for this in the yoke of the sweater? HELP!

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This is frustrating!
You can try a different type of needle - you may need to play with the size, too.
The difference in your gauge will require approximately 1/4 more yarn, and the yoke will be very short if it’s written by rows vs. measuring the depth.

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I was able to use my 8th grade math to figure out the # of rows I needed to knit to attain what I think is the correct length for the yoke, as the pattern did not specify the length. I just completed the body and am about to knit the sleeves, but the length seems right when I tried it on. Thanks for your response.