Lounge Sourcing the Belinda Wrap

There are two lovely shades of Kidsilk Haze whispering “knit a Belinda wrap” softly in the shadows. To which I loudly reply “I KNOW YOU KIDSILK HAZE!!! Just tell me what kind of needles to use for this and we’ll both end up a lot happier.” Alas, the yarn just laughs quietly,

So help me out here, would you? Would you do straight or circular? Metal or wood? As dull as my prom date or murderously sharp?


Well, I started with straights as recommended by the pattern, but ended up switching to circs, mostly because I wanted pointier needles. I’m using wood which I prefer with the kidsilk haze. I find that metal is way too slippery.


I agree, wood is better for this yarn, and I always use circulars since that’s what I have.


I have Lantern Moon straights at the ready for my Belinda-to-be.

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I am using 14 inch Size 8 wooden needles. The cast on and first couple of rows were a nightmare but once I got thru them the 3rd time things have gone better. I too could not resist the screaming Kidsilk Haze in my bag but I had to be alone in a hotel room to get started.


So glad to see this questions and the answers. My kidsilk haze is waiting for me to pick it up. I’ve been debating needle types. Think I’ll stick to wood. Thanks.


What I’ve learned so far. I’m 7 holes in. 5% done, but who’s counting.
About the needles - I started with 14” wooden ones. If you use these find the pointiest ones you can. Currently using 24” Chiagoo Lace circulars.

  1. I cast on on a larger needle, it helped get that first row going.
  2. I have places markers every 8 stitches ( you could do every 4) so I would know if I was off quickly.
  3. Where the pattern says SSK you can easily do K2tog without destroying the integrity of the pattern.
  4. I don’t recommend this for car knitting (yet) or intense NetFlix movies.
  5. Pull your stitches, it helps. The first couple of rows will be a hot mess - hang in there. After several rows it makes sense.

I cast on yesterday and I learned something very important. It’s not easy to cast on Kidsilk Haze on a Yonkers city bus but it’s not impossible.


Thank goodness I checked for a post on the Belinda Wrap. I have had quite an adventure starting but knew it could be done from the photo. Thanks for the information.

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I’m really fighting the SSK with mohair. Has anyone tried just doing K2tog, YO2, K2tog? I understand the leanings, but with mohair would it matter that much? Thanks.

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There was a whole conversation somewhere (obviously not here) about this. Yes, indeed, just go with the K2tog. It’s dreamy and makes no difference.

Thank you. I appreciate your responding, especially if there was a whole conversation.

It might have been somewhere on Instagram. Hard to keep track these days.

These days, 99% of the time, I’m using circular needles because they’re easier on my arms and hands. I don’t usually like the very pointy needles but sometimes the yarn requires it. Wood needles will probably hold the yarn better.