Pattern for Kidsilk Haze?

Wasn’t there a pattern scout posting not too long ago with ideas for Kidsilk Haze? I have a memory of a scarf or rectangular wrap with a delicate allover lace like a little flower. But I can’t find the darn pattern.

Yes, there was!
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Thanks so much! That Horai scarf is calling to me.

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Definitely do a test swatch–both to check the gauge you like to bring out that blossom patterning and to practice the stitch. I restarted twice on over 100 stitches because I was impatient.

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Thank you for the reply. Good advice! I don’t care much about the dimensions, but I tried needles in three quite different sizes to get a fabric that is open but not too flabby. Ready to cast on but mulling the question of edge stitches. I don’t think this is going to be a fast knit.

I’m not working with Kidsilk Haze but two laceweight silk blends with wool, alpaca, and cashmere, which are not as fuzzy. I think it is meant to be, because the winning needles have been hanging around in my collection for years. They are very pointy, square wooden needles that were a gift from the man who made them. I estimate that they are equivalent to a US11. Perfect.

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