Yarn Handling for Kaffe Fassett Brocade sweater swatch

Hello! In the category of “long-term special item for myself” I am finally audtioning color pairs for the Brocade sweater (I have the pattern in Rowan 40 year book).
I chose a 30st block of the color chart that I thought had both detail work and larger color areas.
I also chose a part of the pattern that has repeated alternations of each color for 1 st each.
In stranded knitting, this would be a delightful and quick “1-0-1-0-1” sequence (1 and 0 being the two colors) however I am discovering in intarsia a snarled mess.
My intarsia history is mostly swatches of argyle, and an abandoned sweater from the '80s that featured little squares here and there. Blocks of color and the interchange between are no problem for me. These little single stitchers are awkward, and I wonder- do you just break down and strand these? do you slow down and turn on your bright light for the wind-around? <-- did I just answer my own question?
In any case I welcome advice and further discussion!

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