Painterly Intarsia

Hi All,
Newbie to the Lounge here, but have been following Ann and Kay for years!
I love the latest field guide, Painterly, and following Kay’s lead have been knitting tiny houses, and making balsam sachets, with them. There is a Kites throw in my future. I am learning to embrace the tangles, but is it easier to knit intarsia on straights, would circulars just complicate things, or does it matter?



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I’ve knit intarsia on both, the style of needle matters less to me than the material it is made of, but needles are often personal preference, you might love some that I dislike and vice versa.

I’m doing cityscape on a 16 circular. Metal - it’s working fine for me. I haven’t used straights in about 5 years for anything. (Nor dps either… Sleeved and socks done on 2 circs).

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Havent used straights for about that long either! Thanks


As for me, if more than one needle is involved, I will misplace one! I love colorwork: I’m halfway through my Village Scarf and now a Daytripper cardi as well. Using a single needle actually makes juggling the yarn that much easier.
Have you had a chance to try both ways yet?

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