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Intarsia newbie

I’d like to start the watercolor cowl (says it’s a great “first” intarsia project!). I prefer circular needles but is it better to use straight needles with intarsia? Again, have NEVER tried intarsia

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This is a great question and I, too, am interested in hearing what knitters have to say.
I can see how the change in the circumference of the shaft to cable and then back again might be problematic for some.


My first intarsia project was a blanket and I used circular needles with no issue. I’d think it makes the most sense to use what you’re comfortable with so you have one less thing to worry about when learning a new technique!

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(I’m not sure if I’m duplicating posts or not…new at this.) But that’s good to know since I am too used to circulars but was concerned I’d turn intarsia into a nightmare. Thank you!

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I just finished my Watercolor Cowl, a first instarsia for me. I used a circular.


Because of the ease on my hands, I work on circulars almost exclusively. I have done several Intarsia projects & never had an issue because of the needle. Only when I missed twisting yarns…Good luck!

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