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How to start Watercolor Cowl

Hello there, I am ready to knit the Watercolor Cowl. I have started it a few different times and ripped back. My question is do I need to have separate sections or strands even with the main two colors? I am thinking I must? I think I need separate chunks of yarn for each of the watercolor chart repeats?
I hope this makes sense, I understand the small bits of colors need to be small bits of yarn, my confusion is more related to the two main colors.
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Makes perfect sense to me!!! I was wondering the same thing.

I was not able to get into the zoom session on Monday as I kept getting the message “the host has another meeting in progress”. I wonder if it was recorded and if there was any mention of how to navigate the yarn in the watercolor cowl. I’m thinking each square needs chunks of the two main colors but I could be way off. There is a video about carrying a color so that it ends up where you need it. It’s all way more difficult than I imagined.

I had the same problem. I started out using the link from Snippets on Saturday. Finally I checked the daily post and used that link. I got in, but the time was nearly up. Lesson learned, check for the latest link.

I started with balls of each color

Then went to lengths of yarn

Every section of color requires a separate strand. It is not as scary as it looks.


You are correct on all points. Every single instance of color, even if repeated within the pattern, will require its own yarn supply. This is also true for the two background colors. Have fun, intarsia is great once you get the hang of it! It only looks hard.

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You are correct!

I disagree, the color that is the top right color can be continued. The last row of the pattern is even, row 16, and so you have carried that color back to the right side of the block when you start the next block which is where you need one stitch of that color. It works fine for me to have 3 sections of that color. I do keep it somewhat short so my tangle isn’t completely out of control and then I just felt on more yarn when I’m about to run out.
I’ve also seen people saying that the 6 rows for the middle square is a problem. I don’t have an issue with that either. On row 11 when I’m doing the last row of the color middle I just carry the upper right color (in my case the darker grey) with me so when I come back on row 12 it is there for me to pick up and stitch the whole 10 stitches.

I am trying it your way, carrying the color in the back so that it is where I need it. Jen Arnall covers the technique in one of her videos. Thanks.

I think I’m catching on to the intarsia technique. My next cowl will be better and, gosh knows, I have enough yarn for many!