Sea Breeze Cowl Poncho

Hello! I just received all of my materials to make this cowl, but am confused on the pattern. Has anyone made this project who could help me get started? TIA!

I enjoyed making Sea Breeze! It’s my favorite office accessory when the air conditioning is on! What kind of help do you need?

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I was able to find videos of a regular cross stitch pattern, but this one is obviously different. I was wondering if you knew of any videos that showed this technique. I am a visual learner haha

If not, just looking for someone to show an image to in case I get stuck while practicing.

I am sure I just followed the steps and trusted the pattern. I do remember thinking, “wrap three times??? really???” But then I just let go and did it! I know I swatched with some scrap yarn a few times and then just dove it!

Try it out. If you get stuck, let me know. I can refresh my memory on the stitch and create a very amateur video for you.

Happy knitting!

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