Triangle (wrong side of Honeycomb Scarf) as a cowl!

I have almost finished my honeycomb scarf (see that section featuring Nancy Marchant’s pattern) and I found myself just loving the “wrong side” of the pattern. So, I decided that the two rows of the 4 row pattern would give me that “purl side” appearance with the cute little triangles if done in the round. So then to do a swatch and figure out what would work for a cowl. Once I have this guage down in the round more precisely I would love to do a hat. So far it is 4.5-5 stiches per inch on size 4 needles using Malabrigio Rios. The “inside” of the cowl is pretty also!


Love the triangle side too! Your colors are so happy!

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What a beauty! Love the way your colors pop! Like they could glow in the dark.

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So are you using rhe first 2 rows of the pattern for working in the round? Love your cowl!

I am using the purl or “wrong side” of the 4 row pattern of the honeycomb scarf for this cowl so fun!!!

This is great. If you get the pattern down to a workable hat could you post it? It’s surprising how many people love the “wrong” side with the triangles (me included).