X-Factor Cowl from Field Guide No. 10: Downtown

Hi all- I have started knitting a cowl from “Downtown” and this is the first time I’m knitting double garter stitch- fun! Many firsts for me with MDK field guides😀. My question is - do I purl rows 3 and 8 with double wraps? Or do I purl each individual wrap? (96 stitches). Or do I purl two together? Please help! I shall soldier on trying all 3 of my suggestions to see which one looks right in the meantime.

The purl rows are worked as normal purls with the exception of row 8(I think it’s row 8-I don’t have the pattern right here) where you’ll
Purl 5 [yo, p2tog] one time, then purl to the end of the row.
I hope I’ve answered your questions-I’m on my phone and can’t refer back to your question. I also seem to have created a new MDK identity. Nell
: )


I’m back on my trusty computer and see that the row I referred to above should have been row 4, not row 8.
All of the stitches are knit or purled as usual, with no double wrapping. xo


Welcome newnell! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Hi Nell

Thank you so much! I can now carry on​:grinning:. I’m not sure that my yarn is quite right but I have a lot of it so I’m keen to make it work. I’ll post a pic when done- hopefully this year!:joy:


Hahahaha! I dont know why my “grinning” emoji shows as text and didn’t show as a picture. It looks as though I’m gormlessly just going to carry on grinning instead of knitting. Ah well, nothing wrong with grinning whilst knitting. It will beat my usual knitting face#frowning#eyebrowsraised#cursing