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Watercolor Cowl Finishing question

“Using tail sew BO edge to side edge”. I understand the schematic. I’m wondering what “sew” means to others who finished this. Did you use Kitchener or some other technique? I can’t tell from the pictures.

I used a Mattress stitch, but I think that other techniques would also work.
I also used wonder clips (pins would also have worked) to mark the beginning, middle and end of the seam so that it was even.

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I’ve reached the I-cord phase and cannot figure out where I went wrong. The chart for each of the squares (p 11) shows that the CO edge and the left edge would be the light color and the right edge and BO end would be dark. The schematic on pg 9 would have the BO (dark) end wrapping around to the right (dark) edge. Therefore the way mine looks, the outer edge is light and the inner edge is dark. But both pictures on pg 8 and pg 10 and the instructions for the I-cord show outer edging dark and inner edging light. Where did I mess up? Is it possible I’m wearing it upside down. I don’t really mind but I’m trying to learn how to read patterns correctly. TIA.

I see what you are saying, and I have to take responsibility for the original (mis)reading of the seaming directions, as the sample knitter.
I’m just so, so sorry. I’ll let editing and errata know about this right away.

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Mattress stitch, back stitch or whip stitch are good options. And double yes to wonder clips to hold the edges aligned until you get that far. As a substitute, those little kid spring barrettes also work.

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Whew. Thought I was crazy :slight_smile:

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Whew-thought I was crazy :).