Summerfeld shawl

Hi! Took advantage of the Kid Silk Haze sale and now wonder if it will be too heavy for the Summerfeld Shawl which calls for Loft Neighborhood Fiber at 350/28g. Kid Silk Haze is 225/ 25g. Newish knitter and not so savvy about the plethora of yarns. Many thanks for your advice!


It will be different, but unless you are using a ton of yarn, it is hard for me to imagine a shawl in KSH being heavy. Maybe look on ravelry and see if someone else has used it?


That shawl is one of my favorites ever. I plan to reknit it (I lost mine). I got to try the sample on at the MDK getaway a few years ago, and I agree that Kidsilk haze should work well. It clings to itself at a loose gauge, and is very lightweight. And the color variety available! Primo.