Budget friendly yarn

I would love to knit the Corrugated Shawl pattern. But, the Caravan Crave yarn is too expensive for my budget. Can anyone tell me a “luxury” budget friendly yarn that would work well for this pattern? Thanks.


I usually go to Ravelry and look at other’s projects. I see some used Knit Picks and Cascade. Hope this helps.

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I admire your ability to control yourself. That’s one of the hardest things about knitting for me! Here are my thoughts on substituting yarns:

  1. A less expensive skein may not be a better deal. Civility is on sale at the MDK shop now for 7 cents a yard (gorgeous yarn). Knit Picks Paragon runs a smidge over 7 cents a yard. The skein costs less but the total doesn’t.

  2. There are lots of yarn substitution sites that will give you a lot of info about how the different yarns will behave. I like Yarnsub.com but unfortulately Caravan isn’t on there so you’ll have to Nancy Drew the yarn yourself. When you see something that you think is a good substitution, look at the reviews and projects on Ravelry to see how it seems to behave. Is it drapey? Does he have good definition?

  3. Grist is your friend. Search grist on the MDK home page to learn more. Just do it. It’s important.

  4. Think about adjusting the pattern to use less yarn. Are you tall or short? Can the wrap be shorter or narrower? It might take a little math and if the thought of it brings back those good old terrors from high school, you can find plenty of help here.

  5. Can you wait? Do you have three or four people who would each buy you a skein for your birthday or a holiday. I know my mom has very willingly gotten me knitting gifts throughout the year for Christmas. It makes her life easier and I get what I want.

  6. If all else fails, rob a bank.(Don’t rob a bank but I know I’ve been tempted a few times.)


Thank you for your reply. I started reading about Grist. I also have a book about yarn substitution. I was looking on Ravelry and I must say, the shawls done in the Caravan yarn just look nicer. I may have to be patient and save up for the yarn!