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Happy knitting!


Hello. I’m Jeanette and I love knitting. I’ve been following MDK for about three years and it’s the best knitting site I’ve found. It has everything!

I knit dish cloths because I like using them, and it gives me a quick and useful way to try new stitches. I also knit shawls, scarves, and cat toys to fill with catnip. And socks! My socks are plain stockinette, sometimes with a variation in the rib, but I’ve been hesitant to try other designs because of possible gauge/fit issues and the complications of fixing mistakes. Maybe one day I’ll take the leap. I love wearing my warm hand knit socks!


Hi Jeanette! Welcome to The Lounge! I just knit my first pair of socks a few months ago but I haven’t woven in the ends yet (or worn them). I am sort of putting it off because I KNOW the first time I wear them it’ll open a floodgate and I’ll never be able to stop knitting socks :sweat_smile: