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We have a new Knitstrip posting on Tuesday. I’m particularly excited about it because this is going to be my introduction to brioche stitch. I thought I’d get this cute little project under my belt, learn the brioche skillz, and then proceed to my longed-for Nesting Wrap in two-color brioche.

Our valiant Lounge moderator, Nell, jumped the gun and has already finished a Never Fail Muffler. Hold on a second, and I’ll show a photo to give a sneak peak of this cool little schmattah.

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Here’s Nell’s finished Never Fail Muffler. Big yarn (Nell please identify), smooshy brioche, perfect buttons, super chic model.


Hey Kay, and everyone else,
This is a great little pattern for learning Brioche. Every stitch is so visible. It knit up quickly in a skein of Malabrigo Rasta (shown here in my dear friend’s favorite color, Lettuce)
The buttons were a perfect sparkling match, and as you can see there are fastening options.


Wow, beautiful! :smile:

I just got some Malabrigo Rios in Lettuce to make a Joji top. That is my color of the year. I might look for it in Rasta to make the muffler. Thank you for the visual!


Which Joji? I’m dying to cast on Granito.

Minus the hood-following a few posts. I do like the boxy worsted too. It really shows off the hand dying:)

That is so perfect with side pockets. One 2017 goal is to have the patience to knit a sweater with size 7 or under needles!

I have some Knit Picks Bare Swish Bulky that I think would work great for this. Can’t decide if I want to leave it bare or dye it with Kool Aid. Maybe make two! That is, if I can figure out the stitch. I’ve always wanted to learn brioche. What a fun non-intimidating introduction to brioche. Thanks!

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Brioche is on my list of things to tackle this year, and this looks like tthe perfect introduction! Thanks so much for this Knitstrip!


Right now I’m working on Relaxed. Next up is Joji’s Boxy, then Granito, then Big Rubble. So basically 4 versions of the same sweater.


I somehow seem to have run out and bought some Malabrigo Rasta in Zarzamora.


Ooh! Brioche. I’ve tried to teach myself before, but that was 2-color brioche. Maybe I need to start with a single color…


Well, that was so much fun that I knit past the specified 44 V’s, pretty much to the end of the yarn. I think I’ll just let it be long. Too dark for a picture tonight, will catch up tomorrow!


Ready to bind off. Longer than specified, but that works better for my short neck…I can let it cross lower and not feel strangled.

No way to get buttons today; we’re iced in here in PDX. But I can block it!


Lovely color and work!


Beauuuuuuutiful! WOW! :smiley: Can’t wait to see the buttons you choose. xoA


I want to learn to make two color brioche. I have the Sizzle Pop pattern by Lesley Ann Robinson. I wanted to run before I can walk and decided this was a good pattern. Maybe we can have a group for it?

No buttons, just s shawl stick pin. Knit to the end of the skein; 5 inches to spare after bind off. I did wet block it to 6" x 32", maybe? It’s bounced back to 29"!


WOW! Beautiful :D! I love the shawl pin idea…

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