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Granito: A Sweater by Joji Locatelli

C’mon, it’s summer! Let’s knit an easy, comfy sweater together. We’re making Granito, a pullover by Joji Locatelli. Here are all the details on where to get the patterns, the yarn.


I have ordered a fingering weight yarn from Knit Picks in the color Topaz…I love this sweater so much, so I will do my best to knit a long this summer! I’m working on another easy sweater too, so I’ll be able to switch off and i STILL need to cast on my Alex mouse! So many projects…


I have linen quill in my stash and already have the first two skeins wound. I can do this thing


You must be mind readers! Having just finished a chart-y, summery scarfy shawl thing, I swatched and cast 0n Granito last week. I’m using a Wollmeise Twin- and I’m sure I don’t have enough but somebody here says it’s okay if your sleeves don’t match. Away we go…


Linen Quill is verrrrrrrry beautifullllllll. What color are you using?


Sleeves are an opportunity for KREATIVITY! Go for it . . .


I’m working on Granito now - have the body almost completed. I’m using Rowan Fine Art that I had in stash but want to make another in a solid color. The short rows at the beginning are noticeable in a hand painted yarn. But I love this pattern! I think it will be my first favorite completed project. I’m not going to put pockets on it and I might make it a tad longer in the body, possibly a shirt tail. I love using sock yarn for a top (maybe living in Arizona has something to do with that?).


I’ve been lusting after Granito ever since March. (It should have won, IMHO). Just bought some Brooklyn Tweed Loft (on big sale!) Saturday to make it, so your timing is impeccable. Unfortunately, I have to finish a nightmare of a hat for my son-in-law’s July 10 birthday first, and the way it’s going, I might rip the whole thing out and start again with a different pattern. So… not sure if I’ll join the KAL, but I’ll be making the sweater sometime.


I’m in - purchased the pattern and hope to start tonight. I’m using some Madtosh I have in my stash. This will be fun!

Well I’ve been wanting a sweater like this, and bought yarn at MdS&W a year ago for it … my yarn is a 75cotton/25wool marled line from Cestari called Ash Lawn that is a DK with about the same gauge, but I’m not entirely sure it will work. Am also considering Joji’s more recent “I See Spring” - I sure would welcome input fron any fellow knitters willing to weigh in. I know I need to swatch for starters!

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I think I want no pockets too. Better for a casual work sweater for me.

I have also been wanting to knit this but wasn’t sure how to sub out the yarn as I can’t use the Milo. Has anybody who knit this in fingering weight gotten the same gauge, or did you adjust the size knitted? I checked Ravelry and a lot of people used Madtosh Tosh Merino Light, which is also a singles yarn but fingering weight, so how did they do that? Any ideas for yarn that is not a wool and linen mix? Thanks for any and all input!

I think the only way really to know about a substitute yarn is to swatch
it. Joji’s pattern actually calls for a fingering weight yarn, and Milo is
definitely just about in that category. Madeline Tosh did a knitalong in
May using Merino Light, and a number of people seem to have used it

Any all-wool yarn would work well with this. Good luck!


I’ve never been satisfied with the way pockets tend to droop in knits. I
think it will look neater w/o them. It’s a lot of stockinet but I like the
way she worked the short rows and love the “seams”. I didn’t think of it
but you might want to consider matching the faux seams on the front and
back. She offset them to accommodate the pockets. I’m already thinking of
the next one…I love relaxed, over sized sweaters! Good luck!



I’m in. I have the Granito pattern in my library, found some Berroco Ultra Alpaka Fine in a Magenta color in my stash which I swatched and blocked; it came out right so I’m eager to work up some lazy summer days/nights stockinette. I already love this sweater and the yarn so that helps get things going.


I also tossed up between Granito and I see spring, but getting Milo was impossible in Australia ( am hoping to get some when I visit New York in September :grinning:). So I am about half way through I see Spring using Miss Babs Yummy 3ply, and I love this pattern, beautiful shaping and easy to knit. Will be making another one!


HEEEEELP! I’m having a problem with the placement of the very cute “relief” columns.
Left shoulder seems to place the raised stitches 20 its in from the shoulder edge. The right shoulder seems to place them at 30 its from the shoulder. I know that one of these must be right but which??? I acknowledge that this is my own personal pattern reading issue. It’s happened before.
Thanks for any assistance…

I had the same problem. Ripped 2x. I decided the pattern was wrong and made both sides match. Hope I don’t regret it later.

I’m going to join in. My Granito is about 2/3 finished. Im using An orangy yellow Kauni. Hoping the knitalong will help me push through the sleeves.

Wow! Excellent way to turbo-boost your knitalong!