The official Field Guide 21: Brioche Knitalong

Hello knitters,

The Knitalong for Nancy Marchant’s brilliant Field Guide 21: Brioche begins today! We couldn’t be more excited to delve into the world of brioche. This is the place we will gather to share photos, ask and answer questions, and just generally have a good time. Stay tuned, things are about to get lively!

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Join us as we kick off the Knitalong this evening (June 20th) at 4pm Central as we share the brand-new how-to videos explaining the techniques used to make the Cushiest Cowl. You can join the zoom here: Hello Brioche

Our video tutorial for the Cushiest Cowl can be found here: Cushiest Cowl

Our video tutorial for the Honeycomb Scarf can be found here: Honeycomb Scarf

Get ready!


Oh boy, the zoom helped so much!!! I’m starting to see the rows. I’m surprised at the thickness. Squishy!


Looking good! It really is dimensional.


My first brioche. A coupla starting stumbles, but I think I’ve got it (also my first Atlas, Tutu on Cedar. Lovely stuff.)


This is so much fun! Easy but the brain is engaged. The results are really squishy.


Heres my first few rows. I struggled with clutching the yarn in a death grip, but now I think I have caught on. It helps that I knit Continental, I think.


My journey into the land of brioche knitting.


Ever since they sent the sample of atlas i really wanted a project to try it. This seemed like a perfect project for that. I used peat and leek. One skein of each and i wanted it to wrap double so i cast on 160 stitches and went until i ran out of peat. I love love love atlas and will use again, a lot. Also brioche in the round is amazing. No need to figure out where you are when you pick it up after putting it down because you are always where your needles are. I love the squishiness of this fabric. Once i got the hang of the brioche part i decided to throw in pattern 3. Then i had to do some figuring so i would get a second repeat of that at the top and not run out of yarn and it would be balanced with the bottom pattern. Thanks for the fun project and the very usable end product!!!


Love your colors!


Ooh, pretty! Love the garter embellishments (think that makes the additional pattern?).


Yes i used pattern 3 once at the bottom and then again at the top. The middle rows were what needed to be there to make sure i didn’t run out of yarn and that the patterns were balanced.


Oh I love this! The pattern reminds me of bamboo!


Learning new tricks - I am loving this squishiness! Seaglass and pear, happily stretching the match any two colors encouragement.


After a few false starts, I’m finally getting the hang of brioche! Couldn’t have done it without the tutorial. Love the squishy feel.

First time using Atlas. :heart: Colors are basic (I’m so boring lol) - Natural and Mouse.


The Zoom call and the video were so helpful. Using stash for this, but still love the squishiness.


That looks so cool with the garter embellishment. Perfectly balanced, and lotsa fun energy. Kudos!

Love this combo so much. Thx for the inspiration.

I agree. Zoom videos really help. Especially with leaving the yarn in the right place at the end of each row. I really messed up with that when I battled with brioche a few years ago. The pattern is so clear with this!


Wheeeee here we go! Had to rip out after my first two rows, but now I’m feeling that syncopated brioche rhythm.


Neutrals are always so wearable – you’ll love this next winter!

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