The Lounge: Where the Conversation Never Ends

The comments thread just got a little too cramped, so we’ve added on this rec room so everybody can talk together more easily. We know you’ll keep the conversation cordial, because you’ve been doing that for the past 13 years.

We’re still getting used to this newfangled Discourse system, and we know it will take a while to get the feel of it. But we’re thrilled you’ve stopped by, and we hope in the days to come you’ll share your knitting, your wisdom, and maybe a good coffee cake recipe if you’ve got one.

Ann and Kay


Annie here. I have a hole in my couch where I sit and knit. I knit a lot. As skeins unwind, so do I. This has been the craziest election season I have ever seen, and I am old. Knitting has helped get me through the insanity.

I have a neglected blog: Herb’s end.

I studied art and textiles at B.U. and used to weave in my hippie days. I had a knitting bizz, BK (before kids), and sold women’s and children’s sweaters in NYC, Austin, Boston, and LA. I have experimented with dying, and ancient knotting techniques, but I always come back to knitting.

I think “the lounge” is an opportunity to connect with other knitters and I love MDK’s tone, style and sense of humor. I am in.


Wow, Annie, I just read your blog post from May, and it was such a breath of fresh air amid all the fetid news of the day. Thanks so much for that!


A lounge! So nice! How did you know I needed something else to click on so I could procrastinate on my seriously overlong must-knit for Christmas list? And thanks for moving ‘Go Cubs Go’ to second place in the earworm competition going on non-stop in my brain!


I’m Barbara, not Barb. I tell people that I’m selfish and want ALL the letters. And never Barbie, that way lies harsh words, teeth gnashing, and foot stamping. I knit to keep my fingers busy, to make slow magic and because I have always loved making things.

I always have a few projects OTN–something sock-like, something long-term like a sweater or afghan, and something amusing that piques my interest, like knitted earbuds holders or Owl Puffs in a nest for my granddaughter who loves owls. I love variegated yarns and single skein projects. Oh, who am I kidding, I just love to knit and crochet. I’m getting back into sewing which cuts into my knitting time but I’m managing to balance them.

I listen to audiobooks while I knit/crochet/sew. I find my hands lying still in my lap if I watch much TV while trying to knit, I can do one or the other but evidently not both.

Love the Lounge idea. If you need more Lounge furnishings, I have a pair of electric fondue pots, one avocado and one flame red, with sectioned plates and long forks for those days when eating from a communal pot seems like a good idea.


LOL! Fondue pots are the epitome of “things that seemed like a good idea at the time.” Bring them to the lounge. I’m sure we can get some enthusiasm going for dipping bread into melted cheese.


Okay, I’m trying to figure out the lounge. I’m Stephanie, Stephanie B. from the old blog. Former New Yorker, now in Plymouth, MA. Less time for knitting during the week these days, but I try to catch up on the weekends. Looking forward to seeing where this new adventure takes USA!

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I use my fondu pot exactly once a year. Cheese fondu is our traditional New Years Eve dinner. My husband wishes I’d make it more often but it’s one of those dishes that is best enjoyed once a year. The other 364 days it can hang out here in the lounge.


I :heart:️ Cheese fondue. Can we come for New Year’s?


The more the merrier!


I read it too and agree! Very enjoyable.

Wow, you and Mr. Fixit have some go power!

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Fondue!!! Although I know it isn’t traditional, I just throw some Jarlsberg in a pot with a bottle of beer, melt it together and call it fondue. The last time I made it, my friend Joy took the pot and the plate of bread and found a quiet place to be alone with it. Not an easy feat in my one bedroom apartment!


The personal pan pizza, only fondue! Sounds very therapeutic.

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Don’t even get me started on personal pan pizza. Learned how to make little pizzas with a tortilla crust in my cast iron skill a while back. They are a go-to snack in our house. Shockingly delicious!

Not using your fondu pot? Perhaps it will double as a holder for your ball of yarn to keep it from rolling away while you knit. :wink:


Love the tranquility, agreed

I looked at your blog! Lovely. Write more!

Agree, Martha–Annie’s blog is such a summery escape on this gray Nashville

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