Knit Stars 3.0 Conversation!

Come say hi, ask a question, share something awesome. Welcome to everybody who’s been watching Knit Stars 3.0!


Hi! I want to say a huge thank you for convincing me to give Knit Stars a try - I’d never heard of it until I saw that MDK would be featured. Naturally I signed up straight away: I’ve had such a blast learning from all the wonderful teachers!

Hi Ann!! I just watched you and Kay and absolutely loved listening to you both!! So much wisdom!

I just bought the log cabin field guide…my question to you is can I knit a sock yarn blanket with it??? I like how you start I. The middle and just keep go8ng out from there…I’ve lost my mojo for the “mitre squares” blanket !

Love Ewe Farm
Montpelier Virginia

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Hi Betsy! So glad you found your way here!

I’ve always wanted to make a sock yarn log cabin blanket, or any weight of yarn–I love the light weight of a fabric made with sock yarn, and I think it would allow for all sorts of color play.

Starting in the middle means you can just keep going until you get to the size you like—or run out of yarn . . .

Let us know how it goes. And as for your mitered squares blanket mojo, just let that thing marinate. Mojo will return eventually, once you’ve forgotten all about it and discover it magically waiting for you at some point down the road.


Thanks for answering Ann!! I’m excited to get started…thanks for the encouragement!

I’m so happy to have gotten into Knit Stars…(first time)…I’m signing up for 4.0 and hope you guys might do another session!

Happy knitting to you and Kay!


Hi!! I, too, enjoyed listening to Ann & Kay. I quickly bought Drop Dead Easy Knits (?) so I could do the star blanket. I love that thing. And I already have the Charity Knitting book that has the really cool Noro silk Fussy cuts pattern.
I haven’t taken time to view all of the other lessons just yet. MDK was the most important to me.
The holidays (read keeping my two young grandsons for 5 days) threw me off my daily knitting routine. I am so glad to have time to knit again!!!


I too just watched MDK on Knitstars today (loved the myth busters!). I plan on marching down to my LYS tomorrow to buy linen and Rowan denim. I live in a warm climate but believed the myth that cotton and linen were “no fun” and only Merino and cashmere were soft and worth my time. Thank you!!! You have opened up a whole new knitting dimension for me to explore :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Loved your Knit Stars sessions. Must say that you got me digging deeper into MDK. Now that the gifts are finished I’ve got some time for reading and started saving articles for reference. You two even got me to dig out the pattern I purchased for Jean Moss’s Lisdoonvarna Jacket, in Denim. Maybe it’s time has come! Many thanks!

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Thank you, Sally! So glad to hear you’re finding your way around MDK. That Jean Moss design is so juicy—I say go for it! Seems like the perfect challenge for the new year. And once you’re done, there’s that amazing moment when you block it and the cotton shrinks properly and everything snugs up so beautifully.

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Hi Jan! Thanks for listening! I still have a few lessons to listen to myself–I’m learning so much from these folks.

I would love to do the Star Julep Blanket in neutrals. I think it would be so lovely. All the patterns in that book are so fantastic, really!

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I’m so pleased to have discovered you! Loved your role in Knit Stars 3.
Also enjoying all the Field Guides
One of my many works in progress is a memory blanket (mitred squares) which I was heartily sick of. Thanks to the nine patch idea, I’m adding some middle sized mitred squares. Will see how it looks & maybe add some large squares. Then maybe an icord border - oh the possibilities are endless.
Thank you for the inspiration & the fun attitude.

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Hi Gals! I bought some beautiful yarn from you in a pre-order before Knit Stars. Now, I cannot remember the pattern that went with it! It was a small shawl I think. The yarn is two skeins of Lichen and Lace: one is Peony and one is Sage. The yarn is gorgeous, and I’d love to cast on.


Hi Laurie!

So glad you’re casting on that beautiful yarn. Megan Ingman is just a genius–I’ve never seen the colors of nature so perfectly caught in a skein of yarn.

The pattern is the Colorwash Scarf by Kirsten Kapur. It’s in MDK Field Guide No. 3: Wild Yarns.

Let us know how it goes! I’ve made this scarf three times now. Hope you enjoy it!



Jan, what’s the Charity Knitting book? I thought I had all of them. Did I miss one? saradenbo

Here’s a photo of the book and my start on Fussy Cuts, which is inside.


I DO have that one, thanks for the reminder! Your colors look beautiful!

Can’t go wrong with Noro Silk Garden!!