Atlas Blanket Ideas

While I love the Bundle of Joy blanket for the new Atlas yarn, I’m afraid I would get bored with the pattern, plus half of it is purled. Any ideas for knitting or crochet blanket that would use all those gorgeous colors?


I love a Log Cabin, which is usually all knit.
And what a canvas for all, or most, or even some of those great colors.


I think the mitered square pattern would be great. Or, Barbara Walker’s learn to knit afghan. Every square is different and you can use as many colors as you like.


I’ve seen a few adaptations of the ZickZack Scarf on Instagram lately that are really lovely. That could be a fun one to play with. However, I don’t know how well the Atlas spit felts and honestly, I have enough ends to deal with in my knitting basket right now that the thought of too many more makes me shudder. My Atlas is arriving today and giving it a spit felt to see how it holds up is on my to-do list. I’ll report back.

I’m actually going to do the Bundle of Joe blanket. I’ve done a few of the originals in Summerlite DK and am in love with them. It’s great tv knitting and/or beginner knitting. Just when you think you might get bored, the color changes and the pattern shifts. If you hate purling (and it sounds like you hate purling) it’s probably not for you but if purling is on your agenda, it’s a really nice knit.


I’m debating adapting Ambah O’Brien’s Wrap it Real Good pattern to a blanket size and shape. My calculations say 15 repeats across should work. I love the stripes and want to preserve that.


That’s really pretty! Go for it!

I’ve got a pattern idea you might luv; NO purling!! Super Simple Round Blanket by Chastity Aiken. Free on Ravelry. I just started it last week at my 1st knitting retreat (at the beach!) I’m using souvenier skeins I’ve collected and been gifted by my younger daughter in her travels to Europe;)


That’s a fun pattern … I never even considered a round blanket


I know, right! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a round blanket knit. Crochet yes, but not knit. And even if I run out oof souvenir yarn and bind off, I can always add to it by picking up and knitting around the BO edge😉

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I was NOT going to buy any yarn right now but I was intrigued by the Atlas yarn description and I the early download of the next field guide. I didn’t want to make a garment or an accessory and i decided the Blanket of Joy would be perfect on my grandmother’s easy chair. I don’t mind purling at all and the idea of a blanket with built in finishing sealed the deal.


I have another question I bought the bundle of joy and received the pattern by download. The color sequence isn’t specified in the pattern. Do we follow the sample? Or just arrange the colors the way we desire?

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I have exactly the same question. I really like the MDK version.

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I’m so jealous that you got the whole bundle that I almost didn’t answer. But I will be a better person than I usually am and tell you that you can do whatever tickles your fancy! I’ve made a bunch of this in Summerlite Cotton which also has a great and varied palette so it’s hard to go wrong. It always amazes me how the same blanket in the same colors changes completely when the order of the colors change.

I’m making one as well and so far, have six colors. I’m starting with what I’ve got and figuring it out as I go along.

PS Shhh, don’t tell anyone but you can even repeat colors if you want to.


Here is what I received from MDK

The Colors are:

A - Cork

B - Natural

C - Pear

D - Seaglass

E - Merlot

F - Whisper

G - Mallard

H - Cedar

I - Tutu

J - Mouse

K - Barn Red

L - Peat

M - Leek

N - Citron

O - Skyline

P - Lapis

Q - Navy

R - Wintergreen

S - Shale

T - Clementine

U - Pebble

V - Truffle




Thank you. I’m creatively challenged and I want a starting point to see if I want to use it or mix it up.

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do you mean those are the colors you got or the order the colors are knit in the sample. ANd I did not get the pattern with my yarn as per order.

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That is the order of the colors in the Blanket of Joy, which were described by letters and not names.

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Oh, I’m so sorry!
I think that the pattern would have been a PDF; if you don’t see it, I can either email it to you or drop it in your Ravelry library - just email me with your preference and info, and I will sort that out.

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