In Search Of: Favorite Baby Blanket Pattern

I want to make a blanket for baby No3 in a family. I made a patchwork quilt for No1 and knitted a polka dot blanket for No 2.

What should I make for the new baby?
I like colourful patterns rather than all one colour.


Have you looked at picket fence in the new Ease book from MDK? I’m making mine a more colorful party than the original with pops of contrast. It could work in so many ways.


I like it but I’m so bad at sewing squares together - I’d rather make one big thing. Thanks though!

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These are knit together. Right now I’m making long panels with 3 needle BO and then I will I will do the same on the long panels. Don’t know if it makes a difference but it isn’t sewing!


It does involve sewing squares together but in case someone else is looking for a baby blanket pattern who doesn’t mind seaming… I love the Fly Away blanket by tincanknits, there are so many possibilities for different colors and layouts!


This is on my list too! I also love their Marley pattern. link

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That is gorgeous!

I made a variation of Lion Brand’s Lemon Squeezy Stroller Blanket with lots of color and all in one piece that might work for you.

I love that! Is it just doubling the yarn?

The baby blankets on my radar are:

  1. Teddy bear illusion
  2. OpArt or Curve of Pursuit
  3. Hue Shift
  4. a simple log cabin style (no pattern) using bright colors and possibly textured yarn
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Yes! Great stash buster!

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If you want multiple colors you can’t go wrong with a log cabin blanket. If you’re looking for a single color, I love this blanket so much!

That is a beautiful blanket.

And so much easier than it looks. It works up beautifully in Cascade 220 superwash.

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I thought of this thread when I saw (and purchased) this pattern


I was going to recommend a mitered square, but given the no-sew ask. A gagillion years ago, a shop recommended the following for a baby blanket:

Use 4 strands Dk or worsted weight yarn together and cast on 50 stitches on size 15 (I think— or whatever works) needles.

Work in garter stitch until you get the size you want and bind off loosely.

I made a ton of these and always got a good response. Superwash works well in this case.


Sounds simple but effective!

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Isn’t that fabulous!

And it’s a charity pattern - I will buy it too!


That it is!

Can’t wait to see what you choose to do.
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