Blanket Dilemma

Hi All!

I’m a long-time Mason-Dixon reader but this is my first post. I’m having such a hard time making a decision about this that I thought maybe I’d try to get some input from you fellow knitters. A couple of years ago, after seeing some log cabin posts on Mason-Dixon, I thought it looked like fun and a good way to use up a bunch of yarn that wasn’t getting used. I set to it and ended up with one giant log cabin square blanket that’s cozy but a little to loosely knit and not so color-coordinated - I don’t hate it but it didn’t turn out liked I’d hope. Yesterday, I stumbled upon Make a Long Story Short and got bitten by the blanket knitting bug again. Trouble is, I don’t have nearly enough scraps (of sock-weight or any other weight) to make a blanket and don’t have the funds to purchase yarn (and also, the point of this type of project is to use up what you already have). So my question to you is: is it crazy to rip a whole blanket out to re-knit a different blanket? What would you do if you were me? I have no lack of other projects right now, but you know how it goes with startitis!

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Dear Silence, It is not crazy at all! The enjoyment of knitting it was worth the making, right? For me the only question is whether you would miss it when it is gone. Good luck and let us know what you decide.

Thanks Annie! I replied in the other thread (I accidentally created two) - for now I’m going to leave the blanket and focus on other projects. It might get ripped at a later date though!