Blanket Dilemma - To Rip or Not to Rip?

I tried to post this yesterday but don’t see it anywhere so I’m giving it another shot!

A couple of years ago, I got bit by the log cabin bug (Thank Ann and Kay!) and ended up making a blanket out of a whole bunch of yarn that wasn’t being used. It’s just one giant log cabin square, it’s a little too loosely knit, and I don’t love how the colors turned out - in short, it’s functional but I don’t love it. The other day I stumbled upon a different blanket pattern, called Make a Long Story Short, that looks like it would better suit the colors in my log cabin blanket. Now I’ve faced with the decision - do I rip out a perfectly serviceable blanket in order to knit a different blanket? Or find some other yarn to make the second blanket in? I might have enough bulky odds and ends to make Make a Long Story Short, (mostly leftovers from making a Kiki Mariko ), but I’m not sure. I also don’t really need another project but knitting blankets is fun. Thoughts? What would you do if you were me?

Absolutely rip it and use the yarn for a new project that you will like.


I would rip also. You are not real fond of it so unless you want to give away. RIP! Once you start, it’s freeing!

I just ripped out a sweater and a hat/mitts set this weekend. I’m no longer haunted by the yarn that was languishing (Rowan felted tweed! Malabrigo!). We all knit things that we don’t love, and we don’t have to stick with them. That’s the beauty of it.

I say go ahead and pull it apart and recycle the yarn. Much better to have something you will love than something that is just okay.

Does it keep you awake at night?!! That’s my signal to rip out/back/amend - when I find myself planning, measuring (in my head), or thinking of solutions during those waking moments in the night! I’m exhausted by the morning!

I was going to say no–don’t rip it, although I see the logic of what others said. I guess the question is if you love the yarn that is in it, then recycle it. If not, I would just look for good deals on yarn. Technically, you wouldn’t have to buy it all at once for a log cabin, you could just keep building. I think I would look for a sale and buy as much as I could at one time.

Since you’re not happy with it I would absolutely rip it out. There’s no reason to have something like that around to remind yourself of it every time you look at it. Make something beautiful out of it that you will enjoy

I wouldn’t rip it because I think a blanket/afghan with a good “drape” is pretty nice. If you don’t like it, you might have a relative who would love it.

Thanks for all the thoughtful replies! Everyone has made great points - I think at this point, I’m going to leave the blanket (the dogs like it! and it is cozy…) and focus on other projects. I can always rip it later, right?