Field Guides and Knit Companion

I’m ready to launch into the Twining Wrap from your latest Field Guide and I’d like to make use of Knit Companion to keep it all straight. The pattern’s on the MDK site, not Ravelry; how can I point Knit Companion to it?

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The book is on ravelry.

Inside the back cover of your book is a code which allows you to put the book in your ravelry library. Then you could point KnitCompanion to the pattern. Alternatively, you could scan the pattern, upload it to a dropbox account and access it that way.


I usually put the book code in and upload the whole thing to Knit Companion, mainly because I have yet to only knit a single pattern, lol! Then, if necessary, just use the individual pages to pull out the single patterns you wish to knit and put them up with their own names to separate them from the book. For example, from the Ease book, I have split out the linen washcloth, the blanket, and 3 versions of the shell pattern cowl/cape/summer top for my bohemian youngest!

This way you can keep the original in pristine condition and have a working copy with all your notes on each project containing your individual adaptations such as yarn used, notions, what you did to make it exclusively the wearer’s, how many repeats of what, if different from the pattern. I’m sure I have probably left something major out of the list but I’m also sure y’all can fill it in for me.

The newest version of Knit Companion is perfect with its way to use the Apple Pencil - unless you have extremely sloppy writing like I do. But usually, if I can decipher it, I go with it! If not. I either use Text Notes or the Pop-Up Notes feature. Both are equally great at putting in the “I did this differently from the pattern because…” or BEWARE OF THE:… warnings, and the occasional voice message which I use best to congratulate myself on completing an especially hair pulling section by playing and singing “I’m Love Note the 8th, I am, I am…”. Adapted to any particular project, y’know.

I’m sorry, probably more than you ever wanted to know about either Knit Companion or my use of it. But if you have any questions at all, let me know and I will do my best to help. I’m not an expert, but I use it every day.



I just started to use the Knit Companion and love it. I’m always taking notes and this is much easier. Very pleased that I got this app


It sounds like I’d like using knit companion more if I bought the paid version instead of the free version I’m using! I like it so far, but the counters are all independent in the free version and I’m manually keeping track with a second counter for repeats. I know I could just divide by 7, but . . . :wink:

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It’s all the difference in the world, Dawn!

I have the (forgot the term) Essentials Plus, the one that contains the Magic Markers, etc. I usually don’t use them, preferring the quick setup method where you just upload, name it and go. It’s a lifesaver because the standard number of counters is 7, and you can go up if needed but I never have.

What I really love are two features that make it worth (SO WORTH) the expense: colored row counters and the ability to mark my place, whether in a chart or a written row whenever I get up. I can’t even tell you how many times I have picked it back up and had no idea where I was! And the colors on the rows are so cool, I haven’t even explored all you can do with them!

I can tell you that the older my eyes get, the more I appreciate odd rows being purple and even ones being emerald green! And yes, when you have to tink or frog, when you click on the counters to back it up, the rows take you back to the place you need to be.

I probably don’t know all the technical stuff about what it does, but I’m married to a programmer, so he usually figures out what I want as best a non-knitter can and fixes it up, then tells me what buttons to push.

Oh, the other neat thing is that you can go to their shop, and some designers have put their patterns, already formatted with the program, for sale there. If you link your Ravelry account it will show you which ones in your library are available. All I had to do was plug in my size for a TCK sweater and not even that for a Casapinka shawl, and tada! Counters, charts, highlighted size specific stitch counts, everything done for me… All I need is to remember not to twist my cast-on, lol.

If I can help at all, let me know. If I can’t figure it out, Himself is working from home and probably needs a distraction!