Moby-Dick Big Read, Chapters 16-20: Discussion

Warning! Spoiler alert for all these chapter discussions. Enter here knowing that the plot and characters will be discussed in detail.

Does anybody else love Charity, the Quaker sister? She is basically stocking the ship. It reminds me so much of holiday packing. (Chapter 20). Also, I like the female narrators a LOT. They bring such a lovely energy to the book. New favorite is Kate Sparshatt (21). Here she is wearing a gorgeous eyelet jacket, lobbying for Plymouth to become the UK City of Culture 2017. She directs the Art Center.

Pretty much each chapter is a surprise when it comes to the narrator. It keeps the whole thing very fresh and unpredictable.

And yes, Charity is a great, small character.

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Oh, Charity. I think it was Charity who said this:

“Be careful with the butter, 20 cents to the pound, it was!”

Ch 22, 12:08