New Year's Resolutions

Hah! I see that Nashua Wooly Stripes! I am ‘donating’ a dozen skeins of this in a different colorway.

I’m working on a list of resolutions for 2018, how about y’all?


I’m resolving to use up my stash by doing a personal Honeycomb Knitted Quilt challenge.

If I knit one honeycomb per day (or two halves), I’ll have a nice-sized crazy quilt by the end of the year!


Thank you - that was inspiring!

Still thinking but so far all I have come up with is don’t panic. This is still a work in progress.

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I think I am gonna stick with last year’s plan with a few alterations:

Volunteer for candidates I support
Be respectful, be kind, be loud
Donate where/when I can
Read more, watch less
Drink more water
Don’t panic


Perfect. Thanks for sharing <3

I keep thinking of resolutions but can’t commit to any of them! Some of them are really ponderous and serious, and others are things like “get rid of 10 things a day.” Maybe I’ll start with that one. I can get rid of 10 things a day. That seems possible. I may go in the attic today and get rid of 3,650 things and call it a year.

Speaking of which, happy new year! Let’s knit a ton and find beauty all around us. xxxoxooxo


I’m re-organizing my studio in January! There’s too much visual noise; it’s hard to think in there. So it means organizing my bookshelves and my stash cubbies (yay, IKEA Expedit and cubby boxes!). My current cubby boxes are too stuffed to explore in a reasonable way. Most importantly, it means PUTTING THINGS AWAY after I use them.

Ravelry is such a blessing! A few years ago I was contacted out of the blue by a woman needing some yarn she saw I had, to finish an Afghan for an ill friend. I happily gifted it. Turned out she lived about 50 miles from me! There should be some sort of Destash Anthem! It’s all good!

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Love it! I’m sure I could find 3,650 things right now to divest myself of, call it a decade, and wouldn’t my children shout “Hallelujah!”. You’re welcome, I’m sure!

An update on my destash goal of 2017: I gave away ~150 balls/skeins of yarn! I also knit up about the same number (147 total), resulting in 67 FOs.

However, I did buy yarn last year, so I’m definitely not down 300 balls of yarn.

This year my goal is to knit/give away at least 300 balls of yarn again. Since one of my planned projects is a wedding shawl for my daughter (not exactly a speedy project or one that uses many balls of yarn), I guess I better get busy with smaller projects!


Update for 2018:

Saturday I decided to do a bit of a stash toss and see if I could come up with yarn to pass on to someone who would love it more than I currently do. I filled two large shopping bags with 95 balls of yarn, no partials. I had hoped to deliver the yarn that day to my LYS that hosts a yarn swap every Super Bowl Sunday, but they told me they have no room in their storage area, so I have to wait until the week before.

The yarn is now sitting in my closet, begging to rejoin the rest of the stash.

I’m hoping that I am strong enough to ignore the yarn fumes and actually add another bag of yarn to my outflow.

I have another place to take partial balls and forsaken projects to be repurposed for charity projects. I have a few abandoned projects in mind to donate, but I’m sure I could let go of more UFOs.

PS: I don’t know about the rest of you, but I wait until I have the house to myself for a few hours before doing a major stash dive. I’d just as soon not rub hubby’s nose in the size of my stash. He knows it’s big, just not how big.


Swimming against the tides AGAIN, I have finally tackled my “studio.” January’s resolution was to make an obstacle-free path to my yarn closet. Death by falling averted, I spent 2 weeks emptying, painting, cutting shelves for and restocking the closet. My yarn has been sorted by weight, a fine-fitting book self centered within - stocked with my knitting library - marks its finish. Yeah!
Touching every single skein, needle, UFO, magazine, project awaiting me…left me astonished. Who knew?
Now, there are knitters at Good Will making happy discoveries and falling in love, Clinton dump workers round-eyed, and me - relieved, grateful, and set for life! Purr.


I confess I’ve had minimal New Year’s resolutions in past years.
This year I’m mulling over what to do with my old knitting magazines. I rarely look at them but they’re like a security blanket.


It’s on my list of culling to do…to look through all my magazines, save the true keepers, and offer up the rest on Ravelry to see if anyone wants to love them next!

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Not a resolution, I don’t do those. But I needed to reorganize my studio because I couldn’t think in there; it was too cluttered.

I need to go through magazines (still downstairs) and I think I’ll offer them up at our guild meeting. No shipping to deal with that way!


I did it! I just went in commando style in June and threw away a LOT of old magazines. It was less painful than I thought. I saved a couple of issues for sentimental reasons. I took them to the public library and donated them.
I realized I also needed to take a closer look at my yarn stash as it was embarrassing to show my family how much was there.