Rhinebeck Is Coming!

In an effort to avoid the Rhinebeck Side Eye (when you pretend you aren’t looking at Ann and Kay and you cleverly act like you are petting an alpaca while you stare at Ann and Kay) or those moments on the food line when you randomly say NELL really loud just in case Nell is on line for falafel with you, let’s make it easier to find each other this year.

I’m torn between considering this three inch log cabin square as a Girl Scout badge or a biker patch but either way, it’s a fun way to find each other.

Pick a yarn and some needles. You can probably wing it on gauge. Cast on however many stitches you think you’ll get to the inch. In this case I cast on six stitches. Them follow the basic log cabin and make a three-ish inch square.

Pin it to yourself somehow. Your bag. Your sweater. Your back pocket.

When we go to a festival (not just Rhinebeck) we will be able to find each other! Post picks if you want and let me know if you’re new to the log cabin and I’ll post more detailed instructions. I learned from Kay!


You can bet I’ll be in that falafel line, too!
I can’t wait to say hello to you all.


As the late, great Belinda Boaden would say, you are a genie-arse! I’m going to knit mine up tonight!

P.S. I may have actually done that “yelling Nell in the felafel line” technique. Surprisingly effective. Even if Nell is not in the line, someone would probably tell you where she was last seen.



I love this idea. Just wish I were going!


this is a brilliant idea. I bought a Ravelry pin that I’m considering wearing, but I’ll try to find a moment to knit up one of these, not least because I loved making that square for the blanket (I’m finishing the yoke on a sweater that I’m trying to pretend I’m not making for Rhinebeck but secretly hoping to find extra hours for it to be miraculously finished in time :wink: ).


I will be in the falafel line on Saturday! I will try to squeeze in knitting a log cabin patch before then - but to be honest, my sweater has to be finished first (neckband and sleeves still need to be knit) … :joy:


Wish that I could attend. Just scheduled my knee surgery for January. Next year at Rhinebeck!


I wish you were going too!


Almost done with my Rhinebeck sweater, then I’m doing this! Despite having shoulder surgery last week and having my right arm thus pinned to my side, hey, I can knit! Life is good! See you there!


Genius idea. Wish I was going!





Unfortunately my hopes for finishing my sweater have taken a serious setback since I discovered that I had added quite a few extra stitches and had to rip back almost to the beginning. I’ll be wearing handknits but I won’t have a Rhinebeck sweater this year.

@kjt1211 can you post the detailed instructions for the tiny square? I should be able to manage that… :joy:


@chiarraigrrl It’s so easy! First pick your yarn and your needles. This is perfect for those little bits and bobs that are laying around. I picked Lamb’s Pride Worsted on size 8 needles because I know that gives my 4.5 stitches to the inch. Since it’s a half stitch I rounded up to 5 stitches. Your gauge is going to be your guide number here. So since I rounded up to 5 stitches to the inch (it will be a little bigger) I cast on 5 stitches and knit 5 ridges (10 rows). I know it doesn’t look like a square but it will.

Then I changed colors and knit another 5 ridges (10 rows). When I was done with this, I bound off leaving the last stitch live. (I’m on the right side now).

Now I turned it 90 degrees and picked up 10 stitches. With the live stitch, I have 11 stitches on the needle. This is row one.

On row two, at the end of the row, knit 2 together to get your stitch count back to 10. Now know 4 more ridges. 10 rows, 5 ridges total.

Then bind off, leave the last stitch live and do it all over again.

Do this one more time (this time you’ll pick up 15 stitches) and you’ll have a lovely little square.

Sew your ends in (or not), pin it to yourself and meet me at Rhinebeck.

Here are some photos. Let me know if you need more help.



(upload://pd5fSSKf6Av95d2ZAmazaWhaRDs.jpeg) ![image|375x500]


Thanks! Looks like fun :slightly_smiling_face:

That was easy :grin: we’ll be there Saturday- can’t wait!


I’ll be there too. Can’t wait!

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A little something for everyone heading home tonight.


Lovely idea dear.