Shakerag Skirt Knitalong

This is very helpful. The yarn for it may arrive today, so I can review everything and jump right in. I’m definitely going to use the idea of making a sketch to space the decreases. Thank you. Very excited.


Good luck! I know you will love it.


I wear mine with Maggie’s cotton shorts or with a slip that goes just to the start of the lace. Love it love it love it.


@JM_Lark what are “Maggie’s cotton shorts”?

I believe I have a short-ish slip in my Lingerie of Yesteryear drawer. I will start mine as soon as I get my hands on the Rowan stormy. I also have my eye on raspberry, and if there’s an olive…

4 Likes, mostly cotton socks and clothes, I first found them at my local food coop. They make two shorts: bike (maybe with a pocket) and plain. nice and loose, but still fitted, I only own the plain.
And many pair of their leggings. and the cotton socks, which I now know that I could knit myself with wonderful stripes, because ((((this field guide)))).


I am slow, but it’s finally done! Thanks for a wonderful pattern, Nell!


well I am really slow in that I just started. So far I have done most of the lace. I really hope I am supposed to have used a whole skein of yarn for the lace because that is how much it took. I do know who has more if I need it though so… this is my first garment. (I was supposed to do a sweater but I saw the zoom and could not help myself.


The border does take a lot of yardage! You’re going to make a substantial reduction soon, and it all gets narrower from there…
Happy knitting!

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I really like that one little purl stitch in the lace pattern after every 10 stitches. If get distracted for a moment and I don’t find that “beacon stitch” where I expect to, I haven’t gone far into the weeds. I just tink back to where I fell off, make it right (best case) or make it work (I won’t lie, it happens), and I’m going forward without drama and delay. Love the look of the lace pattern.


There are people out there who don’t believe in stitch markers. They are often also the same people who eat gas station sushi. Wack a stitch marker in every few repeats. Once you’re done with lace you can get rid of them but I found they just added to the delight of knitting the lace.


I love this ombré effect. What yarn did you use and how did you achieve this look?


Lol, it’s just the light. I used Rowan Creative Linen in Straw, and I knit very tightly, so the lace area looks dense. I had to block the skirt hard to get the lace to open up.