Shakerag with Shubui twig???

I have a bunch of Shibui Twig I bought for…something. Could I make a Shakerag with it??

Unfortunately I am a “Nvr Swtchr” so feel funny suggesting what every knitter is told by the experts - make a swatch! A big one that includes some stripes. Wash and dry it, then see how transparent and drape the fabric is. I made a Shakerag in Sylph, as called for, but plan to make another in Rowan Summerlite 4-ply. It’s a great pattern!

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Hi, I’m knitting the Shakerag summer top and I’m at the under arm shaping. Having trouble understanding the instructions is there an error?

Well, let’s see! On the last round before the increase round you added a second marker halfway around the body. You’re going to increase one stitch just before and just after the marker at the left side and the marker at the right side of the body, and you will do these increases every other row a total of six times. So, a total of 12 stitches added to the left underarm area and 12 to the right. The increases are shaped and start just after the BOR marker with a right-facing increase; knit across the body to before the second marker with a left-facing increase; another right increase after you slip that marker; then across the body to just before the BOR marker with a left increase. So they look like: )…(.)…(.

AT THE SAME TIME as all this increasing is going on, you ALSO have to keep making those beautiful stripes. The increases happen over 12 rows so at some point you’ll have to drop/add the second strand of yarn as you’ve been doing all along.

I hope this answers your question!

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And PS, if you have a little (or a lot, like me!) underarm flubber you can absolutely add a couple more of the increase rows to give extra coverage.

Thank you so much for answering. I finally figured it out. Just the way
it was worded in the pattern I couldn’t make it happen.

So now since I put the Shakerag down I’m back in Sockville. Thanks again

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