Trip to London UK

If she’s 16 she’s going to want to go to Topshop in Oxford Street, which is close to both Selfridges and Liberty. And I adore Burlington Arcade if you’re going to Fortnum and Mason. Pick up a copy of Timeout magazine before you go, or at Heathrow before you get on the train into the city. It will tell you what’s going on and where the crowds are likely to be.

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Another issue that I have been unable to solve as yet is the different in voltage at the electrical outlets, between that of the US and the UK. My apple products will work at the UK plugs, as well as my camera battery charger. I was resigned to just let my hair go au natural but hate to be without my flat iron to tame it. Maybe just purchase one in the UK? Where can I easily do this? I will be there for some time- 9 full days.

We will do the Regent St walk which will take us to Liberty and Fortnum and Mason. We will check it out. All of what you mentioned.

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It is funny that you compare London to San Francisco and Seattle. I don’t know what Seattle is like in the summer but San Francisco is definitely cold and foggy. It warms up a bit in late August and September. We will wear our GoreTex raincoats and/or carry folding umbrellas. I need to check the weather forecasts when we get closer to the date. Of course, we will dress in layers.

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The Tower of London is my absolute favorite place in London. The tours are fantastic. Is it crowded? I guess. Last time we went was in July and there was a wait, but it wasn’t bad. There is so much history there, and so many cool legends and stories told by the Beefeater guides. It its the one place I recommend to everyone who goes to London.

Does anyone know if you are allowed to knit on the plane from Heathrow to San Francisco?

Heathrow often takes needles. You should call ahead to the airline.

If you;'re worried about it, bring along a self addressed stamped envelope so you can mail your needles home to you if you need to.

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You should be able to pick one up in a local shop. I don’t know if they have Duane Reade there but I’m sure there is something similar. The folks at the front desk at your hotel should be able to help.

Call ahead while in London? Or maybe check when checking in my baggage, before security? Heathrow is a tough airport. It is so large.

If you call ahead, you can pack needles. If you wait for security, you need a plan b if they want to take them.

It may be less expensive to just lose an inexpensive needle. However, I did check with Heathrow and knitting needles are not dis-allowed. I will check when there.

I can pull the needles out of the knitting, release them to authorities, and put the knitting into a ziplock bag so that stitches remain in place.

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Great if you can. Depending on project, I have been fine once and not so much the other time. Now when I fly from LHR I just plan not to knit. Good luck.

I may knit on the way from SFO to LHR. On the trip back, just pack my needles and knitting.

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I think that I have a solution. I am knitting socks and will put the partially knitted sock on waste yarn. The needle will be separate. If it gets taken away, I will be out about $8. I will take the chance on that…

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Great idea. Hope the trip is great too.

Thanks. I just picked up a weather report for the next two weeks. Rain, rain, pouring rain and some sum. One day is 17 degrees. I need to rethink my clothing. Maybe wear a raincoat every day, and long silk underwear top under my dress for dress-up. I live in California where it is dry (mostly) all summer.

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17 Celsius is not cold. Check the conversion.

It is 62.4 Fahrenheit. Not cold, but cool. Need to wear a sweater, or something.