Brioche: Not Just for Breakfast Anymore

Bristol Ivy’s new pattern for MDK, Nesting Wrap, calls for two-color brioche knitting. This is for many of us uncharted territory. Let’s figure this thing out—it’s one of those crazy, magical stitches.


That looks delicious, but I’ve never brioched. I’m a quick study, though. Does anyone have favorite starter patterns, particularly in the shawl/wrap/neck thing department? Or should I just dive into this Nest & hope for the best?


You absolutely have to try Brioche. I now teach 3 different Brioche classes and out of all the classes I’ve ever taught, this has to be my favourite. I’ve just released this pattern:
It may look complicated, but if you know the basic techniques, this design will just flow. It’s very addictive. Circularly knit Brioche is very much easier than flat knitted Brioche!
I’m now working on my second Brioche design.


If you’re a quick study and have an eye for seeing how your stitches are working together to create a fabric, then you should have no trouble at all. I think that although you have 2 balls of yarn going, 2 color Brioche is much easier than one color. At a glance you will see the rhythm of your row across your needle.
The wrap begins with uninterupted columns for several inches - which you will soon master. There are then only 2 more movements - increase and decrease. And they stack.
It will be the best.


Oh, that is beautiful!

Thank you so much nellknits

I’m working on my first brioche scarf. It’s a 20 stitch knit in one color. I have 3 skeins of cascade baby alpaca to use. I’m really enjoying the stitch. It’s my car knitting project. Can’t wait to try other brioche techniques.

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I too love your cowl pattern. Does it have enough how-to instructions for me to use it to dive into brioche for the first time? Not a novice knitter, but I’ve yet to attempt brioche. Thanks!

Thank you! It’s not a pattern, just decided on 20 stitches across and had yarn to use. I learned brioche from a Nancy Merchant Craftsy class. But utube also has instructions. Some are incorrect but keep searching. The first row is a set up row. I would love to help you if we can figure out a way!

I was wondering whether 2-color brioche is easier than one-color! I’ve only made one brioche project so far–the hat out of Knitting Without Tears. One color. It was tricky.

You would need to know how to work a brk (brioche knit st) and a brp (brioche purl st). There are also 2 different brioche increases and a brioche decrease in my pattern. I do not use step by step instructions as to how to work these. My abbreviations would help you with the increases and the decrease.
I do point out in detail specific dos and donts. I teach this cowl to novice Brioche knitters and in my opinion, it’s very much easier working Brioche in the round than knitting flat Brioche. If you decide to give it a try, I’m always available via e mail for help with any of my patterns.
I hope that this helps.


Flat 2 Colour Brioche is NOT easier than 1 Colour flat Brioche. However, 2 colour Brioche in the round is very much easier than the 2 colour flat version


Hmm!! Well, it’s only a matter of time before I try it, because I’m one of those people who loves to learn All the Techniques. But I’ll bear that in mind and start with in the round. (if I remember)


I’m sold! That makes sense, that it would be easier to read with two colors. I think I’ll tackle it in the new year, thank you! :smiley:

Not sure if this is the right spot to ask this…

Is there a way for patterns purchased here to also land in my Ravelry library? I realize that already may be in the works, or it may not be possible.


Any tips on the shift sections? I seem to have mastered the brioche stitch but I can’t figure out what’s going on with Shift Rows A and B. Especially on Shift Row B, the instructions “sm, sl1-yo, p1, sl1-yo, BRP” seems to leave me with a random stitch between “sl1-yo, BRP”

Congratulations on getting the Brioche Stitch down. Don’t you love it in the 2 colors?
I hope that this is helpful.
The sl1-yo, p1, sl1-yo are worked into the (K1, YO, K1 into one stitch) increase of the previous row, thus keeping the Brioche pattern on track. A BRK should be the next stitch.
If there’s an extra stitch, look at the increase - there should be just 3 loops from the one stitch.


Is the K1 YO K1 worked into the background stitch (i.e., the opposite side brioche stitch)? This may be where things are going awry if my stitch marker slipped.

I’m not sure I’d describe it that way.
Maybe these close ups of the sample-in-progress might be helpful?
Here’s the RS -

And the other side


Lovely design, Linda! I also like your moebius designs! Well, truth be told, all that I looked at on Ravelry. :slight_smile:

I like brioche. I have knit single color flat, which was very easy. I’ve played around with 2-color, but got confused. Will revisit after the holidays.