Brunswick question

Can anyone give me a read on how “mohairy” Brunswick feels? Mohair often makes me itchy, but maybe the amount is not as hairy? Thank you.

I’m trying to decide how to answer this. I don’t think that it will halo quite the way that Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride does. It’s not as fuzzy as Kid Silk Haze, nor is it as soft. It’s a sturdy yarn that is super warm. I liked working with it quite a lot, but it hasn’t been cold enough to wear yet - I made a short muffler with buttons. I’d love to hear anyone else’s thoughts, too.

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Thanks. I hate kidsilk haze, so you may have answered my question, but for the rest of the world, I’d love to hear other views too.

Hi! Brunswick is a really lovely yarn–the 30% mohair gives it a bit of sheen and halo, which is that thing that mohair does so well. If you’re sensitive to mohair, we can’t say you wouldn’t be sensitive to this, seeing as how sensitivity is so subjective.

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Thanks. I think I’ll pass until I can touch it somewhere. It looks lovely, maybe for a gift one day.

I must say that I paid no attention to fiber content wgen considering my Brunswick order. Placing it up to my face and nect to my neck I find it rough and itchy against my skin. However, if I “squish” it deeply while grasping it in my hand, it feels OK. I am hoping to learn of some softening agent (hair conditioner?) that will make it more comfortable for my skin because I have so excited about making my Portillo cowl in these colors.

I feel disappointed because I thought if there was enough left over I would make a second cowl to get started on making Christmas gifts.

Any suggestions?

Hi Diane,

I haven’t washed my Portillo Cowl yet, but you are motivating me to get that done. Brunswick reminds me quite a bit of Lopi–it has that authentic sheep-y character, plus the mohair halo as others have mentioned. Lopi always surprises me with how much softer it is after washing: not soft enough to be mistaken for merino, but completely comfortable for me (this is so subjective). I wash my woolens with the same shampoo I use on my head. I think the water does most of the softening, to be honest. I don’t use a conditioner because I don’t like the idea of leaving a substance sticking to the wool, but that’s just me. A fabric softener or hair conditioner might soften it up quite a bit. I’m hoping that like Lopi, the upside to the woolier texture will be that it doesn’t pill like loosely spun merino does!

Thanks Kay. I want so much yo begin my Portillo, but I think that may not happen till the weekend, now I have a lot of paperwork to update. However, I Will knit on!