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Color Explosion Throw - Question from a Beginner

Hi all, Although I’ve been knitting for years, I still consider myself a beginner. I just started the color explosion throw and this is my first time using the marling technique. I’ve only knitted projects with just 2 colors of yarn. On a color change, I see that the pattern calls for knitting the 1st 6 stitches with 3 strands of yarn and then dropping off the retiring colors. Should I do this or would it just be ok to drop off the retiring color when the pattern calls for it rather than 6 stitches in? Thanks in advance and wish me luck!


Good luck. Either will work but the “knit 6 stitches with all strands” helps limit ends to be weaved in.

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Good luck, Madd. I haven’t started blocking yet, but I think it’s a smart idea to hold onto all three yarns for six stitches, block, then clip the one piece of yarn that was dropped. Be careful to make sure you’ve got the right yarn. I cut the wrong one ( in too big a hurry) and had to add it back on.
I’m also suggesting the use the Russian join when you come to the end of a skein and are adding another one. The two threads and this marvelous yarn make it easy to seamless join two yarns together. You tube will tell you how.

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Thanks for the info. Sadly, the Russian join seems out of my area of expertise. I guess I will just take my chances joining the new yarns as I have. My only concern is that my stitches on the ends are always very loose. Here’s hoping!

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It’s become my favorite join. But you have to have the right equipment. A sewing needle with a very large eye. But, it’s not for everyone, I know. I had to watch You Tube instructions several times. Good luck on your throw. I am in love with the pattern.

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If you leave 6" tails from the old and new color - and then after knitting 3 stitches, tie the 2 ends into a firm bow that should help with the loosening stitches.