Fave Toddler Sweater Pattern?

Hi! Anyone have a favorite toddle/children’s cardigan (with buttons) sweater pattern? It would be great if it fit toddler to size 4-5 children’s also. I need to knit two wee sisters sweaters— no cables or nothing fancy, just a good button up cardigan for those ages…help, please? I’ll pay for the pattern, but it needs to fit both sizes so I can make matching sweaters…

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I’ve made Gramps and Antler from Tin Can Knits. The pattern sizes are from baby to adult and are well written.


I just saw the Lulu cardigan today by Carrie Bostick Hoge on Ravelry.

Woolvanknits on IG has more of hers shown on IG than Rav. It is so cute!

Several knitters (including @woolvanknits) have done the body in one color, the button band and collar in one color and the bottom ribbing in a third color and it’s really cute. And it comes in tons of chest sizes!

Antler Cardigan easy, easy cables!


I have been uniformly pleased with TCK patterns … and the designers have multiple kiddos of their own, so they know what works for those ages.


I love the beginner’s jacket pattern by petite knit – it knits up really quickly with minimal finishing. I’ve knit 4 of these so far – it’s my go-to pattern and comes in a good size range from infant to 7-8 years.


I just made Tin Can Knits’ “Caribou” cardigan for 2-4 year olds - what a clever design! The yarn I chose (Red Heart super saver in “Monet”) didn’t make the cable stand out as much as I anticipated (but should be good and sturdy, and will go with just about anything).


I’m sorry I don’t have a photo, but I knit this:

using Rowan Cashsoft DK and it turned out just lovely.


That is so cute😍 I love a shawl collar! Wonder if they’ve designed one for adults

Great pattern - love the buttons!

Hanna Fettig’s Yoked Cardgan is my all time favorite knit for children of all ages. With a size range of 6 months to 10/12 years you can’t go wrong.

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I’m sure there’s similar or that with the right maths it could be scaled up, but last time I did something like that my husband ended up with a dress instead of a sweater…!

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I loved this one!


The one plus (or maybe plus one) on Ravelry is a great pattern. Only one button at the top but a quick easy adorable knit.

Just in case this is Crossing Games Baby Sweater, no buttons but very cute pattern! you can find it on ravelry and etsy too!


That is too cute😊 Is it available in toddler sizes also?

Hi dear, is available on this sizes 0-3 mo (3-6mo, 12mo, 18mo, 24mo), let me know if you have other questions, I will be happy to help you

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Thank you Lilia! I looked at your Ravelry page; beautiful creations;)

Thank you so much, is my passion to knit and crochet!

They are adorable in their antler attire!