In search of the perfect cardigan

I am the youngest of seven children and each year for Christmas I knit one of my siblings a gift. I’ve learned it’s best to get their input on the pattern and color. I’ve gone a few rounds of showing ideas and have gained some clarity on what my sister wants.

  • cardigan
  • lightweight
  • structured not flowy
  • set in sleeves (no raglan or in the round styles)
  • petite style
  • new request: v-neck, not square (she has some very firm style preferences! :joy:)
    It’s been tough to find something she likes. Any ideas for me?

First, you are a much nicer person than I am!!! :grinning:

How about something like Abria:

or Cinnie

Or similar.

Good luck!


I don’t know about that! It’s been a fun way to expand my knitting repertoire!

Nice ideas! I added them to the folder I have saved for her. Neither of these have set in sleeves, but they’re trim/petite enough that maybe she’ll like them!

Thanks for the input.

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You are a very kind knitter!

I think a lot of Kim Hargreaves’ cardigans would fit the bill … so many beautiful ones.


Helpful! Thank you!

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Wait. Also. Fan-girling over here. You’re THE Jen Geigley?! Brush with fame! :heart_eyes:


HA - it’s me, but I’m just a regular knitter/cardigan enthusiast. :grin:


I just finished one recently, v neck, set in sleeves, petite (yes, I am a miniature by current standards), tailored, not flowy, lightweight and comfortable. It’s called Coco by Lene Holme Samsøe


That is gorgeous, and looks like a very useful garment. Coco Chanel would be impressed with it!

If you end up wanting to do a little personal designing, check out Ann Budd’s sweater books that are available in both bottom up and top down styles. She offers versions of cardis and jumpers with all styles of sleeves and necklines, with tables of the key counts and instructions for all youth and adult sizes, by gauge. One book, a gazillion sweaters!



Ooo that’s pretty! Adding to my folder to show my sister. Thanks for your input!

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This is beautiful. I just looked up the pattern on Ravelry, and I like your version much better than the ones shown there. Among other virtues, yours seems to have more body. Can you tell us the yarn you used?

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Sure! “rodanthe” by Schoeller Wolle. It may not be available any longer, but to find something similar look for:

  • 75% wool and 25% alpaca
  • 50 g equals 150 meters (approx 165 yds)
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I noticed the pattern is not sold separately on Ravelry. It’s from the designer’s book Essentially Feminine Knits: 25 Must-Have Chic Designs which you can find used online (for about the price of only one pattern).

I agree with @Novaskillsinc. Anyone who gets tired of looking through dozens of patterns for the one that has all the right features should have one of Ann Budd’s books.

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Thanks for the info!

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I have a few styles in my favourites folder that might meet your descriptions!


I’m doing this one at the moment. It’s not exactly a v neck but it’s really cool!

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That’s very pretty! Thanks for all of your ideas!