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Gifts You Don't Have to Knit

We love knitting for friends and family. And then we run out of time. What are you giving when you can’t give a handknit? Our article “A Cheerful Gift Guide for Knitters” includes many beautiful books, gifts, and tools we love.

I like giving a “cup of tea and a lie down”: box of fancy tea + book. Homemade biscotti or jam is another standby. Last year I gave a couple of Google Cardboards which people found perplexing and fun. Hmm I don’t think the link worked properly?

This year, my sister in law has the best bought-gift: dinosaur cookie cutters (she loves both dinosaurs and biscuits).


I took a class and the teacher had this journal. It isn’t just blank pages but grids, paste a swatch, photo placement and helps you recall all the notes in a project:


Virtual reality is so weird! My son got some Google Cardboards for us, and it was all WHOA NOW.

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Thank you so much for that idea. That’s my husband and brother-in-law sorted for Christmas. Virtual reality here we come!

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You’ll have fun!! Download a few games to your phone in advance to try out… and make sure you have a charger handy! :blush:


Last year I realized I’d never get the knitting done, so I gifted homemade gourmet hot chocolate mix to all the family. Everyone got a four-pack with plain, mint, mocha, and Mexican. I used the recipe in my Cook’s Illustrated magazine. It’s available online as well, but only to subscribers:

Last year my friend gifted homemade vanilla extract - it’s fantastic. (She doesn’t drink, and the story of her going into the liquor store and explaining that she needed lots of cheap booze had me on the floor.)



We fell down a little at Erin’s booth last weekend. Such a great gal.

find her shop here


I want this Starbucks cup:


I also want to share another small business - Madder Root Maine.
Christina is kind, talented and a great maker. Her linen bags (towels, and napkins) are perfect - soft, simple and beautifully silk screened with her own charming designs.

This is the smaller bag, with a nearly completed mitt for scale (and also the only image of the bag that I have)


I have a couple of giftees who need non-knitted gifts. I was going to make food for them, but I am stuck. There’s always chocolate truffles, so easy to make, but none of us are under fifty, and they struck me as too rich when I was in college. The other one is homemade grainola, but after you have chopped all those dried fruit and nuts, you might as well have spent the time making something impressive. Any suggestions?

Alton Brown has the most divine Lemon Curd recipe, which is luscious on everything. It keeps a while (well, that’s what I hear)

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I love lemon curd myself.

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I love lemon curd. on the The Dish last saturday was a recipe for Jody Adam’s greek yogurt with lemon curd. yum.

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The Google cardboard was a great success. I’ve even managed to have a go. It’s like being on Star Trek! Thanks again for this suggestion.

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I made three gifty food projects that are quick and easy and delicious!

Irish Cream

Bourbon caramel sauce

Cranberry pear bourbon ginger jam.

Recipes or links to recipes are on my blog.


Michelle, how us it that I am not on your gift list? These all look yummy!

It’s all delicious! But super easy. You can do it!

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