Let's talk knitting apps!

Knitting apps! Do you use them?

For me knitting is a time-out from tech stuff (Netflix is not tech stuff!) so I dont really use that many apps. I have two that I use now and then, and yesterday I downloaded two more. The one I use most is Ravulous photo oplpader. It makes it super easy to take a pic of my FO and upload it to my project page.

I havent had a row counter app before, but I downloaded the Knit tink yesterday. It also counts pattern repeats. I haven’t tried the knitwits yet.

(All of these are for my Android devices)


Oh, great topic–very curious to hear, because I don’t have a single knitting app on my phone. I did make a button for The Lounge so that I am never more than one click away from the latest slow cooker recipe—oh right and knitting talk.


I have no knitting (or crafting of any sorts, apart from photo-related) apps on my phone. I’d be interested to see what folks are using, and what is actually useful.

Thank you!

I’ll go and make a lounge button now!

I’ve decided to join the 21st century and get a smart phone at long last. It should arrive on Friday - I’d planned to search my favorite blogs to find knitting apps over the weekend, but here is the Lounge, anticipating my every need! :heart_eyes:

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Welcome to the 21st century. Watch out for the robots! :smiley::wink:

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I think the apps I use most often are as follows:


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Great idea. I must do this…

I also use Ravulous, (including the photo uploader) and Stash2Go on Android. I haven’t made much use of Stash2Go yet, but it looks quite good.
For row counting I use County Plus, which will link to Rav and give a counter for each WIP, plus as many others as I need.
I’d love to know if anyone on Android has a good pdf reader, which allows marking up knitting patterns on the go.

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Stash2Go is great and always being improved.

Great conversation! It’s so interesting to see the apps others are using. I use knitCompanion every time I knit. Great app that allows me to carry my patterns with me on my iPhone and keep track of where I am on my projects. Using drop box to store my projects/patterns allows me to use my iPad when I’m back home.

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I use StashBot and KnitTool.
If I want to use Rav on my phone or iPad, I just use the browser & log in to the actual site. No app I tried was as good as just going to the actual site.
I’ve never used KnitCompanion - I’m an old-fashioned paper & pen/highlighter gal.


I just downloaded the knitcompanion, and will give it a go this weekend!

I use Dirty Needles all the time. It links to your Ravelry account and is a great pattern search tool. I can search my own library or but in parameters like are used in the Rav. search engin. I keep all my patter downloads on my Google Drive so I can access them wherever I am.

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Just added The Lounge Button! I have knit companion, but don’t really understand how to use it. I wish there was a Ravelry app.

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I dont really get the knit companion either. I tried to expand our companionship this weekend, but we’re not getting along that well

But i do love my row counter app knit tink. I have used it every day since I downloaded it.

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I use top notes on iPhone bi don’t know if there is an android version, but it is a great pdf annotator (is that a word)?

I use exclusively KnitCompanion for patterns; no more paper. It isn’t all that intuitive to use so there was (for me) a steep learning curve but, once I got the hang of it, I really love it. I also have Knitters’ Toolbox, on a blog recommendation, but I don’t know that I’ve used it yet.

I use KnitCompanion and Wooly-which lets me add photos to my projects from my phone. Knit companion is very complicated but I don’t use all of the features and I have found it very helpful especially when using charts. You can also just keep it simple and use it to store your current patterns.

I also use Dropbox to store patterns and KnitCompanion talks to Dropbox so that works out well. This is helpful when you have to transfer the pattern form one device to another.
I have also played with some chart-making software. It is fun to play with all of the options but it does cut into knitting time.

What a great idea to use drop box to store patterns. I just have the patterns on my tablet, and sometimes when i am knitting i have to look things up on my tablet. By using dropbox for my current patterns i can easily find them on my phone too!