Grist/Yarn Substitution Question for Bang Out a Sweater 2020

I’m crossposting here in the Lounge… I commented this at the end of but I’m not sure I’ll get replies there since it was published so long ago.

So… I saved this article to my account as advised, and had it right there when I needed it! This is the year for me to complete my bucket list #bangoutasweater – I happen to already have Field Guide No 12 and to already covet the Main Squeeze Cardigan… but I want a yarn that has more sheen than Rowan Big Wool. Today’s Snippets had the lovely post about worsted weight Hektos, and I started thinking about using 2 strands of it held together in place of the bulky Rowan.

I’ve done the math and it seems to be almost perfect… will someone please confirm I’m doing this correctly before I buy all that beautiful yarn!

Big Wool = 87 yards/100 g = 0.87 yds/g

Hektos = 200 yds/115 g, so held double will be same length but double weight so = 200 yds/230 g = 0.8696 yds/g

If my math is right, the grist of Big Wool and Hektos held double couldn’t be much closer!

I would make the small Main Squeeze, which calls for 9 balls of Big Wool, which equals 783 yds. So I need 783 yds x 2 (1566 yds) of Hektos-held-double, which is 200 yds/ball so 8 balls.

I’m excited that this math may be right, but if it’s not please tell me!

Thanks so much for the inspiration :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi, my math may not be any better, but in taking it down as far as oz per yard I came up with this:
Rowan Big Wool- 87 yards = 3.5274 oz
Hektos- 87 yards = 1.764795 oz x2= 3.529 oz
I am thinking that is pretty darn close. But swatching is going to still be essential. Good luck to you, this is going to be my second sweater and should be a lot of fun.


Thank you so much for the reply!

I got too nervous about the switch and went to my LYS instead :slightly_smiling_face: I found a lovely Peruvian yarn that has pretty similar stats to Big Wool. I can’t wait to cast on!

Looking forward to seeing your version!

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