Hazel Knit Socks

I have made the Hazel Knit scout mitts and would now like to use the yarn to make socks for my husband. Any suggestions on size of dpn? Stick with #2 or move down to #1?

I find that the smaller the needles, the sturdier the final socks will be. So I usually make mine using size 1 needles. Those will be beautiful socks. Would love to see what you make!

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Thanks so much. I’m a beginner but if I work up the courage, I’ll send a photo.



Wishing you luck!!!

I think my first socks may have been my most intense feeling of
accomplishment–they were wonky in the heel, and my Kitchener stitch came
out wrong. But they were the exact length of my size 10 feet, much longer
than any other socks I typically wore–so it was glorious to have socks
that fit so well.

Have fun figuring it all out.


Sorry, I don’t know what weight the yarn is. If it is sock weight, I’d go down to a 1.

If it is sock weight I use a size 1 (2.25mm).

If I’m knitting a boot sock for hiking or skiing, I use a worsted weight wool on size 3 (3.25mm) needles. This is much smaller size than what the yarn’s label recommends but makes a denser fabric for more comfort and durability. With use the sole of the sock with felt a little to create more cushioning and form around your foot.