Sock Sizing for Men?

Hey Y’all!
I’m a beginner sock knitter, and I want to make a nice pair of socks for my sweetheart! I’ve only made socks for myself using patterns that were specifically for small footed people, I’m not sure how to go about sizing up for bigger feet. I’d love to know any tips and tricks for making bigger socks, pattern suggestions would be nice too!

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Knitting from the cuff down, you can size a sock length for anyone by knitting the foot until the webbing between the big and next toes is just covered by the sock, then start toe decreases. If you don’t have the person to try it on, get them to trace their foot and in between those two toes.

You also need to compare the girth around his ankle to what your is. I cast on 4 total more stitches for my husband than for me, but I have large feet. You may need to size up 8 or even 12 extra total stitches for him, compared to you. And make the cuff at least 1” longer before starting the heel area.


Hi, there are a lot of shoe size to sock size guides online if you search.

If not to be a surprise, you could also just measure around the ball of the foot and make them one inch smaller in circumference.

I did some tweaking to get socks that my husband enjoys the fit of, but once you get it, you will have your “recipe”.